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*Important* Below is a list of abbreviations used in this subcategory: IRC = Internet Relay Chat WC = Web Chat AOL = America Online Chat Rooms
There is currently no description created for this category.
This subcategory is for online Role Play Games based on Sailor Moon and played via e-mail.

For your site to be accepted please check the following before suggesting your site:

* Make sure most of your site works. Sites that are barely putting up their frontpage will be rejected.
* Sites with urls like: http://goto.dbz will be automatically changed to their real urls. This is done to avoid spam mirror submissions.
* Make sure most of the site links work. Sites are usually rejected when there''s a lot of broken links and images.
* If you site has adult content, it will be sent to a similar category in adult.

These are some of the main guidelines needed. Hopefully if you follow them, your site will be published soon. Thanks.

There is currently no description created for this category.
Sailor Moon chat or message board RPGs that use Yahoo or require Yahoo IDs for membership. All Yahoo Clubs feature: Home, Messages, Photos, Chat, News, Links, Members, and a Calendar.
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