This category is home to galleries of or informational sites on Sailor Moon merchandise. Trading of merchandise is also acceptable.
Please submit sites that deal with information or trading of merchandise (such as dolls, figurines, and posters) to this category. Fan subtitled videos and costume makers should refer to Arts/Animation/Anime/Titles/S/Sailor_Moon/Fan_Works/Fan_Subtitled/ and Arts/Animation/Anime/Titles/S/Sailor_Moon/Fan_Works/Costumes_and_Cosplay/ respectfully.

Sites selling Sailor Moon related merchandise should refer to Shopping/ and find the closest matching category within that branch.

This category is home to sites reviewing CDs, listing lyrics, and compiling information for Sailor Moon music.
This category is not for sites containing files to download; please refer to Arts/Animation/Anime/Titles/S/Sailor_Moon/Multimedia/ for that.

Sites that concentrate on the Sera Myu musicals should refer to Arts/Animation/Anime/Titles/S/Sailor_Moon/Musicals/ before submitting to this category. If your site contains mixed information and you are unsure of placement, either category is acceptable.

Sites relating predominantly to Sailor Moon trading cards, either American or Japanese series.
Sites should be informational or for trading cards only. Businesses without substantial informational content should refer to the appropriate Shopping/ category.