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Please only submit Anti Pokemon sites to this category. Sites with little or no Anti Pokemon content will not be accepted ;-). If you know of an Anti Pokemon webring or top list then please use the special categories. That''s why they''re there!
Believe it or not, every person on the planet does not like Pokemon. This section contains a selection of Anti Pokemon sites which serve to express people's varying views on the subject.
You can submit sites about the specific characters of Pokemon in this category. Any character/group-related site can be added as long as it is not about Team Rocket. It has it''s own category and you can view it here.
There is currently no description created for this category.
Sites here should be focused on fan creations, including fan art and fan fiction.
For games related to the show. For video games please see: Games/Video Games/Genres/RPGs/Pokémon
Site submitted to this category should contain general information such as episode guides and release dates.
Episode guides, character lists, release dates and other resources for the Pokémon TV show.
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