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This category is for web sites dedicated to characters that appear in more than one of the Dragonball series.

Submit sites covering only the original Dragon Ball series to this category. If your site only covers Dragonball Z or Dragonball GT, please submit to the corresponding category.

If your site covers more than one of the three series, please submit to Arts: Animation: Anime: Titles: D: Dragon Ball Series: Fan Pages.

The three Dragon Ball series' chronicle the adventures of Goku and his allies as they fight to defend the Earth.
At the moment, because there aren''t many sites, please submit Dragon Ball GT sites directly to this category. In the near future, subcategories will be created to introduce some semblance of order to the world... but you can always submit your sites to this category and they''ll get neatly filed away for you. Aren''t I nice? Well, I''m nice now, just wait until there are hundred of sites queued up waiting for me. Submit your site now and it''ll probably get included the same week. Submit in a few months, when DBGT is at its peak, and it might take a fortnight or even a month for me to get to it.

PLEASE read the submission guidelines at least once, and follow them to make my life easier. If you submit your sites nicely, I''ll like you. If you submit your site with a stupid description like "THIS IS DA BEST DBGT SITE EVER!!!! YOU GOTTA SEE THIS!!!! IT''S ALL YOU''LL EVER NEED" and so on and so on... I''ll probably just ignore your submission: if you''re very lucky, I''ll rewrite your description for you. You have been warned.

Dragon Ball GT (sometimes quoted as Dragonball GT or just DBGT) is the final part of the Dragon Ball series. It follows Son Goku, the same character who has been in the limelight throughout the series. It takes place eight years after Dragonball Z from what I can piece together - information is scarce at the moment. The series was created in Japanese six years ago (1997), and translations for the UK and America are only just being broadcast for the first time. It promises '...higher power levels, higher impact, more action, and Super Saiyan IV...' according to Gen Fukunaga, FUNimation's President. And yes, they have messed up a perfectly good theme tune again: rather than use the Japanese one (which was good) they decided to make a rap. Yes, you read that right: a rap. You can hear it at if you really want to. It grows on you: trust me. The big thing that worries me about DBGT is this video: [requires Flash 6] - not the fact that Goku's voiced by a woman, that doesn't worry me at all. What worries me is that she's nuts. Watch the video and see for yourself. Dragon Ball GT is airing in the UK at 5:00 PM and 7:00 AM on CNX (Sky Digital channel 244).
Submit sites to proper subcategory, no sites will be accepted at this level.
This category is for sites pertaining to the anime series Dragonball Z.

Submit sites covering multiple Dragon Ball series to this category. If your site only covers one of the three series, please submit to the corresponding subcategory: Dragon Ball, Dragonball Z, or Dragonball GT

Fan sites covering more than one Dragon Ball series.
If you are submitting a site that does not focus heavily on images, you should submit it to the appropriate Fan Pages category.
This category contains sites that are devoted to images of the Dragaon Ball series.
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