The Fandom category is intended for sites that cover multiple anime series and exist primarily as a medium for anime-related expression. This medium can be simply the creation of a page about anime (General Fan Pages), but it is often much more fine-tuned.

Arts: Animation: Anime: Fandom and its letter categories are for sites covering anime in general or multiple anime titles. If your site fits in one of the more specific subcategories, please submit there. Otherwise, submit to the category for the first letter in the title of your site.

Sites dedicated to a single anime series should be submitted to an appropriate subcategory of Arts: Animation: Anime: Titles.

Forums, message boards, and chat rooms for discussion of anime-related topics.
Only active chats and forums will be listed here. If your site has no users or posts, do not submit hoping that a listing will change that. It should be active already. Inactive sites will not be listed.

If the main topic of your site is not anime or manga, please submit elsewhere. You can find categories for other topics in Computers: Internet: On the Web: Message Boards and Computers: Internet: Chat.

What is a Clique?

Cliques with an anime-related theme.

A clique is a group of sites that meet certain criteria. In general, the primary requirement is an interest on the part of the site owners. For example, there might be a clique for site owners who are fans of a particular anime character. The sites in the clique themselves would not necessarily be related to that character, though.

Please submit cliques relating to a single anime title to the appropriate subcategory of Arts: Animation: Anime: Titles. Web rings should be submitted to Arts: Animation: Anime: Web Rings. Neopets guilds should be submitted to Games: Online: Virtual Pets: Neopets: Guilds.

Conventions are an opportunity for anime fans to find other people with the same interests and also an excellent way to show off costumes. There are almost 100 anime conventions held annually in North America alone. Locations are listed in the site descriptions.
Please submit only full fledged anime conventions. Anime clubs or club-sponsored one-off events should be listed under anime clubs/organizations.
Cosplay is a popular way of displaying one's fondness for a series, and is most often found at conventions. In cosplay, one creates and wears a costume intended to look like the attire of a favorite anime character. It can include roleplaying as well. Some people prefer to purchase the costumes rather than making the costumes themselves.
Subtitling information, fansubbing groups, distributors, etc.
Please only list your site where it fits the best. If your site concerns more topics than just fan-subtitling, please find a more general category.
This category is for sites with drawings, writings, or other artistic works based on or inspired by Japanese animation. Fan works sites which only cover one series should go to the appropriate series category instead of the Fan Works category.

Please submit your site to the correct letter of the alphabet. Before submitting your site, take a moment to look at other sites in the category. Check the way the descriptions and titles are formatted, and try to model your submission after the other ones already listed.

Sites focused on original anime-style artwork, with no or very little fan art, should be submitted to Arts: Animation: Anime: Fandom: Fan Works: Original Art.