This category highlights collectibles from your favorite anime or manga series. This includes dolls, shitajiki (pencil boards), cards, stickers, action figures and almost anything else that is big enough for a cute anime face to fit on.
Any kind of gallery or information site on anime products is acceptable here. Fan sites that trade and sell products in addition to information on collectibles are more than welcome here also.

Dealers should look to the Shopping branch to be listed, as shopping sites are seldom appropriately listed in the Arts branch.

Some series have specific merchandise categories, for instance: Revolutionary Girl Utena and Sailor Moon. Websites pertaining only to those series would best be served by submitting directly to that merchandise category.

This category is for models, model kits and figures associated with Japanese animation, or anime.
Other merchandise belongs in the main Arts: Animation: Anime: Collectibles category. This category is only for gallery and how to pages, not for sale sites. Please submit any sale sites to Shopping: Entertainment: Television and Movies: Animation and Cartoons: Anime: Models and Figures.
This category is for the sites displaying shitajiki, or Japanese pencil boards. Many of the sites are image heavy, so be aware of this while browsing. Please respect image ownership.
Sites displaying and/or trading shitajiki are welcome here. Any sites dealing primarily with the sale of shitajiki need to be submitted to Shopping/Entertainment/Television_and_Movies/Animation_and_Cartoons/Anime/.