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This category is for sites dedicated only to characters, and those characters must be from multiple anime titles.

If your site covers characters from a single title, please submit to the subcategory for that title in Arts: Animation: Anime: Titles.

If your site relates to multiple titles, but covers more than just characters, please submit to the appropriate letter category of Arts: Animation: Anime: Fandom.

Sites dedicated to characters from multiple anime titles.

Any kind of gallery or information site on anime products is acceptable here. Fan sites that trade and sell products in addition to information on collectibles are more than welcome here also.

Dealers should look to the Shopping branch to be listed, as shopping sites are seldom appropriately listed in the Arts branch.

Some series have specific merchandise categories, for instance: Revolutionary Girl Utena and Sailor Moon. Websites pertaining only to those series would best be served by submitting directly to that merchandise category.

This category highlights collectibles from your favorite anime or manga series. This includes dolls, shitajiki (pencil boards), cards, stickers, action figures and almost anything else that is big enough for a cute anime face to fit on.
This category is for sites related to creators of professional anime. Sites belonging to amateur anime creators should be submitted to Arts: Animation: Anime: Independent or Arts: Animation: Anime: Fandom: Fan Works: Original Art.
This category is for sites dealing with the creators of anime, including directors, writers, and producers.
All retailers and dealers of anime videos and DVDs should submit their sites to the Shopping: Entertainment: Television and Movies: Animation and Cartoons: Anime category.
Directory listing for licensed distributors of Anime titles and Anime production companies.

Arts: Animation: Anime: Fandom and its letter categories are for sites covering anime in general or multiple anime titles. If your site fits in one of the more specific subcategories, please submit there. Otherwise, submit to the category for the first letter in the title of your site.

Sites dedicated to a single anime series should be submitted to an appropriate subcategory of Arts: Animation: Anime: Titles.

The Fandom category is intended for sites that cover multiple anime series and exist primarily as a medium for anime-related expression. This medium can be simply the creation of a page about anime (General Fan Pages), but it is often much more fine-tuned.

If your site is related to a single video game title or series, please submit to the appropriate subcategory of Games: Video Games.

There is currently no description created for this category.
Before submitting to this category, check again if your site fits anime image galleries. If your site gallery includes hentai or adult pictures, you should submit to "Adult: Arts: Animation: Anime: Image Galleries" category.
This category includes general images gallery sites. We hope you will enjoy surfing these anime galleries.

Personal galleries of non-animated artwork should be submitted to the category for Fan Art or Original Art as appropriate.

If you are submitting a manga of any sort, please go to Arts: Comics: Manga: Online.

If your site contains adult content as defined in the Adult Guidelines (that is, hentai anime), please submit to the proper subcategory of Adult: Arts: Animation: Anime.

Independent anime companies and projects. Note that anime is animation, not comics or pieces of artwork.

Before submitting, please consider whether your site would be more appropriate in another category instead:

When writing your description, please keep the following in mind:

  • Avoid using promotional language ("amazing site", "most comprehensive", etc).
  • Do not use terms such as "you", "I", or "our".
  • List only content your site has on it, not things to come. Sites under construction will not be added.
  • Be sure to check for proper spelling, punctuation, and grammar.

Multimedia sites can include episode downloads, video and sound clips, music, games, screen savers, icons, images, skins, and other items, and must involve multiple anime titles to be listed here. If a site contains only one type of media, it may belong in another category specific to that media. Sites that also include significant informational content do not belong here.

- Please submit only sites that focus primarily on anime music to this category. If your site covers many different topics, it should be submitted to the Fandom category.

- Sites that deal solely with downloadable media should be submitted to the Downloads subcategory.

Directory listing for sites related to anime music, covering such topics as song lyrics, guitar tabs, soundtrack info, and internet radio shows. Sites that focus on offering downloadable media are listed in the Downloads subcategory.
Sites with comprehensive coverage of anime-related topic(s).
Sites that primarily provide reviews and other opinion-based content.
If you are a professional voiceover artists and have no credits in dubbing Japanese animated movies, submit your site only to the Business: Arts and Entertainment: Media Production: Voice Talent category.

If you are a professional voice actor for mainstream television and film animation, but not Japanese animation, you may submit your site both to the Arts: Animation: Voice Actors or to the Arts: Animation: Voice Actors: Professional Services category.

Seiyuu is the Japanese word for voice actor. This is a directory listing of Seiyuu-related sites.

Please find the single most appropriate category for your website.

  • If your site covers a single anime, please submit to the appropriate subcategory. If the title is not listed here, submit to the category for the first letter in the title of the anime.
  • If your site covers several anime in a single genre, or a genre of anime in general, please submit to the corresponding subcategory of Arts: Animation: Anime: Genres.
  • Otherwise, if your site covers several anime, please submit to the appropriate letter category of Arts: Animation: Anime: Fandom.
  • If your site primarily covers manga, please submit to an appropriate subcategory of Arts: Comics: Manga.
This category is for sites that deal with specific anime titles.
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