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No sites will be listed at this level/ Please navigate to the most appropriate subcategory based on the site''s content.

- Absolutely no hentai sites or any sites containing adult content are permitted here. Sites with adult content are accepted only to the Adult - Anime category.

- Do not submit fan sites to the main Anime category. Fandom category is for all fan sites made for more than one Anime title.

- Sites covering specific titles or series such as Sailor Moon, Pokémon, and Dragon Ball Z should be submitted to their respective categories. Fan sites for all specific titles and other series will not be listed outside of their categories.

All submissions made that do not comply with these guidelines will be deleted without question.

If you have any further questions, please refer to our Frequently Asked Questions.

The Open Directory Project editors are committed to building the most useful Directory on the Internet. We want to help your promotion efforts by listing your site in a timely manner. We want your website to be found easily. By choosing the most appropriate category, you assist us in both these efforts.

Sites which are incomplete, having Under Construction notices, or which contain broken graphics or links have a poor chance of being listed. Please wait to submit your web site until it is complete. Please double-check the URL, and, if possible, include an e-mail address so we may contact you if we have questions.

For further suggestions on submitting your site to the Open Directory, please click here.
Anime is Japanese animation. Several anime titles are dubbed in English and broadcast in English-speaking countries, but many fans prefer to buy original anime videos (OAVs) or subtitled anime.
Business studio sites are not accepted here, only sites for individual animation directors known for their work in mainstream TV/film animation and independent film animation. Unless you can reasonably place yourself alongside such great animation directors as Tex Avery, Chuck Jones, Friz Freleng or Bob Clampett, don''t bother to submit your sites here.
Websites of a non-business nature related to animators and animation-related artists.
This is a category listing for annual animation-related awards ceremonies, both in the U.S. and internationally. (International sites must offer English text in order to be accepted to this category.)

The fact that your website, or you personally have received some sort of award in animation is not a valid reason for submitting it here. This also applies to individual artist''s projects, actors, movies and films, animated TV series and programs, studios, and production companies.

Category listing for annual animation-related awards ceremonies, both in the U.S. and internationally.
Few sites are listed in the main Cartoons category, so please take the time to seek out the most appropriate subcategory for your site.

This is a directory listing of mainstream television animation - not to be confused with comic strips, comic books, web cartoons, nor any other form of non-animated comic/cartoon art. This means your site MUST be related to ANIMATED cartoons.

If your site contains original animations available only on the Internet and not related to any mainstream television or film animation but made for entertainment purposes, it should be submitted instead to the Web Animation category.

Websites for specific animated cartoons should be submitted to their respective subcategory under Arts: Animation: Cartoons: Titles, not the Cartoon category itself.

If a cartoon does not have a subcategory, submit the site to the appropriate letter of the alphabet bar under Arts: Animation: Cartoons: Titles, according to the first letter of the cartoon or animated series title. A subcategory will be added upon approval of the site.

If your site is more general, covering more than one cartoon/animated series, please submit to the Fan Pages category.

Sites relating to "Anime" or Japanese animation are not accepted here and should be submitted to the appropriate category under our Anime section. This includes all of the following: Pok�mon, Sailor Moon, Dragon Ball Z and Gundam Wing.

Shopping sites are not accepted here. If you are a dealer in animation-related collectibles (toys, merchandise, memorabilia or animation art: cartoon cels and sericels, lithographs, etc.), please submit to the Shopping category.

If you have further questions, please see the FAQs.

Sites focusing on primarily on classic and contemporary television animation - not to be confused with comic strips, comic books, web cartoons, nor any other form of non-animated comic/cartoon art. If you have further questions, please see the FAQs.
Sites with no English text are not accepted here and should be submitted instead to the appropriate World category.
Category listing for the online discussion of animation and cartoons.
If you are a online dealer in animation and cartoon-related memorabilia, submit your site to Shopping: Entertainment: Television and Movies: Animation and Cartoons .

If you are a gallery specializing in Animation art cels, sericels, lithographs, sketches, and model sheets, submit your site to Arts: Animation: Collectibles: Animation Art: Dealers. They will not be accepted to any other categories.

Listing for collectors of general cartoon and animation memorabilia.

Do not submit your sites here. No sites are listed in this category. Please select the appropriate subcategory for your site.
Listing of categories related to various forms of computer animation at Netscape's Open Directory.
The only websites (or a specific subpage from a site) that are acceptable and appropriate here are those which focus exclusively and entirely on animated cartoons on DVD.

Please submit all general DVD websites to Arts: Movies: Home Video.

Sites serving solely as online shopping stores are also not accepted here and should be submitted instead to Shopping: Entertainment: Recordings: Video: DVD.

Category listing for sites focusing exclusively on animated cartoon titles on DVD.
Sites and biographies for both current, digital experimental animation and non-digital animators. There's animation that is less experimental, that seeks to perfect a form--technical, genre, etc.-- and animation that is seeking to move out of the strictures of existing modes of communication. It is the latter that is appropriate to this category.
Sites with no English text are not accepted here and should be submitted instead to the appropriate World category.
Category listing for animation festivals in the U.S. and overseas.
Online animated movies should be submitted to Arts: Animation: Web.

Anime titles have their own categories, as do animated television shows. Anime sites should be submitted to the proper subcategory of Arts: Animation: Anime. Sites for animated television shows should be submitted to the appropriate subcategory of Arts: Animation: Cartoons.

This category is for general sites offering information and resources on animated movies - theatrical, direct-to-video and/or DVD and television.
Sites submitted to this category should:
  • have content that is relevant to animation arts
  • be regularly updated with new content (not just maintenance of existing content)
Please consider if your site would be more at home in one of these other categories:
if your site is a personal blog and portfolio for a single artist
if your site is primarily concerned with Anime.
Please also consider if your site is better placed in one of the subcategories here.
Animation-related news and opinion.
This category is not for:
  • Any sort of fan clubs for specific anime or other animated cartoons. Please submit those sites instead to an appropriate subcategory of Arts/Animation/Cartoons/Titles.
  • Agencies, galleries or businesses providing online hosting of artist materials.
Information on associations, collectives or groups whose primary purpose is to advocate, support, disseminate information on, or in some way further Animation Arts.
Sites offering Business services related to animation production should be submitted to Business: Industries: Arts and Entertainment: Media Production: Animation.

Independent artists/animators should submit to the appropriate subcategory of Arts: Animation: Artists.

For sites offering historical or educational information about the animation production process and production studios.
This category is dedicated exclusively to sites that can start you down the road to becoming an animator. All types of animation are welcome - traditional, computer, stop-motion and experimental. Sites with educational content are preferred.
This is a resource for enthusiasts of voice actors in animation.

  • Professional voiceover artists should submit their sites only to the Business - Voice Talent category.
    Do not ask to be included in the Voice Actors category unless you have a SIGNIFICANT amount of voice work in animation to your credit, or unless you or your site offers services to aspiring voice actors: advice, training or some form of instruction, publictions, frequently asked questions about the voice-over industry, links, and/or related resources. Please refer to the FAQ links in categories for more specific instructions.

  • URLs (or links) for specific voice actors should be submitted to their respective categories, and not the main Voice Actors category. All actors are located under the alphabet bar which you''ll find listed across the top of the homepage. Individual actors are listed according to the first letter of their last names. For example, Mel Blanc is listed as "Blanc, Mel" and is located under the "B" category.

  • If a voice actor does not yet have a category, submit the site to the letter that coincides with the first letter of the actor''s last name. A category for the actor may be added upon review of the site.
This category is a resource for enthusiasts of voice actors in animation. Here you'll find hundreds of great links on voice actors containing photos, biographies, filmographies, articles, interviews, sound clips, bits of interesting facts and trivia, and even contact information. And all this on Voice Actors - those gifted individuals who provide the character voices for animated cartoons.

If you have any questions regarding the directory, please refer to the category FAQs, or "Frequently Asked Questions".

Following these guidelines will allow us to add your site to the directory as quickly as possible.

This is not the right category to submit to, if your site offers Web development and design. Please submit your site to the most relevant category under Computers/Internet/Web_Design_and_Development/Designers/

Please submit only sites that deal in Web Graphics This would include graphics that Webmasters can use on their Web pages like animated GIFs, banners, bars, backgrounds, interfaces, page elements, and clip art, plus resources for browser-safe colors.

  • Find the single most appropriate category for your site.
  • Create a brief description, under 25 words, listing the current content of your site (not the future content)
  • Do not use first person verbiage (we, our, us).
  • Sites with Adult content or links to Adult content (including Adult pop-up, advertisement windows) will not be listed in this category or sub-categories. Please submit such sites to the relevant sub-category in Adult.
  • Sites that are affiliates or lists of affiliate links that do not contain original content will not be listed.

All sites submitted are reviewed by the directory''s editors. This description will be based on the information you provide and the review of the website.

Web graphics are computer display images or animated motion pictures that can be displayed on Web sites. They can incorporate animated GIFs, banners, bars, backgrounds, interfaces, page elements, and clip art.

Browsers usually support only a few graphic formats like GIF, JPG, and PNG. If you try to use WMF or EPS formats most people won't be able to view your graphics, because browsers can't display these formats without installing other software like a plugin.

All fan fiction submitted to this category will be rejected.
Listing of individual writers and resources relating to writing for mainstream animation: animated television series/specials and animated films.
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