Adult/Business/Sex Services/Video Chat is intended for sites in which there is interactive communication between a provider and a user. The difference between video chat and phone chat is that the provider can be seen real time while the conversation, audio or through the keyboard, is taking place. This category is broken down into "Male" and "Female," which refers to the gender of the people providing the service. Typically, a provider is in a room in which they can be seen real time over a camera. The customer logs on and proceeds to give directions as to what they want to see the provider do. Video chat can be paid either as a membership for a specific period of time in which there is no limit to the amount of time a customer uses the service or by time increments. Services which have memberships should be submitted to the "Members" subcat while services which sell blocks of time or pay through phone bills should be submitted to the "Pay by Time" subcat.
This category is for websites that SPECIALIZE is live adult videochat. Sites that merely offer a live videochat plugin as one part of a full-service site should not be accepted.