This category is for Internet-exclusive items - such as webcams and IRC channels. It is not for adult content websites.
No sites should be submitted to this category, find the appropriate sub-category to submit your site to.
This category is for websites that SPECIALIZE is live adult videochat and adult fourms. Sites that merely offer a live videochat plugin as one part of a full-service site should not be accepted.
Sites offering commercial services that are adult related.
All sites must comply with ODP guidelines.
Sites pertaining to the World Wide Web (WWW).
Please do not submit your site here. Look for an appropriate sub-category to submit your site. When filling out the submission form, please use the following guidelines: The Title should be the title listed on the site. Do not type in all capitals. Do not include a list of keywords. Do not include what the content is on your site in the title. Do not include marketing hype. The Description should be a brief summary of what your site offers that is unique. The description should be in English. Do not include superlatives or marketing hype. Do not submit a list of keywords. Do not use unnecessary capitalization or include HTML tags. If your site is a membership site, remember to include your email address and username and password. Editors must review the membership in order to complete this review. Do not submit non-english sites. All non-english sites should be submitted within the Adult/World/ structure.
Sites must meet all minimum content requirements and submission guidelines, otherwise will be deleted.
Minimum Content Requirements: 30 listed sites at the time of submission other than those which are controlled by or affiliated with the site webmaster. Sites must provide an area where other webmasters can submit their sites.

Submissions are NOT permitted to contain:
  • More than 1 Full Page Advertisement.
  • More than 1 pop-up console window.
  • A combination of a Full Page Advertisement with a pop-up console window on the same website.
  • Site listings consisting primarily of a webmaster''s own websites / partners / affiliates.
  • Any form of unconventional traffic creation / manipulation.
  • Excessive text / banner / graphic advertisements.
  • Any blind / misleading links.
  • Any automatic downloads.

  • To ensure ODP surfers find sites of value, our listing criteria requires that sites link to what ODP editors deem sufficient, unique, and quality content. Webmasters must regularly maintain and update their sites, be actively adding new links, and edit their listings'' titles and descriptions to reflect content accurately.
    The Web Design and Development category acts as a guide which provides surfers resources and services having to do with all aspects of site design including development, maintenance and promotion of web sites.
    Please peruse the descriptions of the subcategories and submit your site to the area that is most appropriate. Duplicate submissions i.e., the same site submitted repeatedly to single or multiple Web Design and Development categories are not considered to be an acceptable practice by the Open Directory Project.

    Sites that are incomplete, for example, have an "under construction" notice or contain broken graphics or links have a poor chance of being listed. Please wait to submit your web site until it is complete.

    When you are ready to submit your site, please double-check the URL, and, if possible, include an e-mail address so that should there be any additional questions you may be contacted in a timely fashion.


    Adult sites pertaining to the World Wide Web.
    All sites must comply with ODP guidelines.