Adult/Computers deals with sites that affect computers and computing, both on the internet and offline.
Do not submit sites to this category. No sites will be listed on the top level.
This category is for Internet-exclusive items - such as webcams and IRC channels. It is not for adult content websites.
No sites should be submitted to this category, find the appropriate sub-category to submit your site to.
In this category, and those below it, you will find sites which deal in computer programs of an adult nature. These can include, for example, strip poker for the PC, interactive hard-core games, and so on.
All sites must comply with ODP guidelines.
Usenet, or Netnews, is a world-wide distributed discussion system. Traditional access to newsgroups, or discussion fora, requires newsreader software and access to a newsserver. Many ISPs provide access to a newsserver as part of their service package. This category provides general information about the adult-oriented part of Usenet. The sites listed here are those of value to readers of the general adult-oriented newsgroups.