This category is for comics or comic style images, that are adult in nature.
If your site has a membership section, you must be prepared to be contacted by a DMOZ editor who will need a temporary user-name and password which will be used for review purposes only. Without this we are unable to consider sites for inclusion in the directory. Once reviewed, you should be notified and can cancel the pass, but do bear in mind it may be requested again later if further editorial work is done on the category. Any editor request should include a link in their mail to their DMOZ editor profile to confirm it as a genuine request. Please do ensure the mail address you include on the “Suggest a URL” form is current and is likely to stay active as submissions are dealt with as quickly as possible, but may take a little time dependent upon editors of the category.

To the submission process easier if you could include a temporary login and password in the submission like so [l:login p:password] your site will be reviewed before other sites.

This category lists sites that publish adult oriented comics and cartoons (not animated) typically similiar to comic books or newspaper comic strips. The subcategories are based upon access to the comics, sites in the Members categories require a payment to access while sites in the Free category do not.
This subcategory deals with comics of an adult nature, that do not require a subscription, or payment of any kind.
Please only submit sites that have comics, sites that have images should be submitted to /Adult/Image_Galleries/, Sites that have samples/reviews of other comic sites should be submitted to /Adult/Comics/Resources.
Sites focused large collections of Japanese manga adult comics, usually allowing downloads or online gallery viewing (typically hundreds of complete comics).
Submitters should provide an e-mail for editors to contact you concerning username and password for review, otherwise we will not list your site.
Publishers of adult comics, comics are not offered to view online but are sold in paper or downloadable format.
Publishers of adult comics, comics are not offered to view online but are sold in paper or downloadable format.
This category contains sites that deal with Adult comic books and graphic stories of a more extended nature than comic strips.