Adult animation started earlier in our century with the advent of the "moving picture". Since that time cartoons have captivated us. From children to adults, everyone loves cartoons at some point in our lives. In the 1920s we had various companies making cartoons. Later on in the 1960s Japanese animation came into its own and has continually increased in popularity and scope for the last three decades. We will bring you several categories of animation. Anime (including Hentai), and XToons represent the two major categories of adult cartoons present today.
All sites listed will comply with ODP guidelines.
There are several forms of Japanese art represented in our directory. Anime, being the first, is simply Japanese animation. Manga, the second, is Japanese comics. Hentai is the latest incarnation and represents the "perverted" side of anime and manga. Anime came into being in the 1960s as the animated portion of manga (comic books). Most of the adult anime is derived from game companies, while manga is generated from several major publishing firms. Doujinshi (amateur) anime comes from independent artists who love to draw anime/manga. Our categories will deal generally with these forms of Japanese art and bring you sites that comply with ODP guidelines.
Please read all of these guidelines before submitting your site(s).

-Before submitting any sites to the Adult/Arts/Animation/Anime/Fan Works category, take time to browse through the subcategories and similar categories to make sure your site is included in the most appropriate category.

Minimum Requirements for sites submitted:

Requirements to get listed:

-Easily navigable, so that the surfer may find the content.
-Contain unique content.
-Content must be of good quality.

Sites that will not get listed contain:

-Excessive entrance/exit consoles, excessive banner advertisements, or misleading (blind) links.
-Sites containing mostly sponsor content or content already part of a listed site.
-Sites with content that is not licensed to the website.

When filling out the submission form, please use the following guidelines:

-The Title should be the title listed on the site.
-Do not type in all capitals.
-Do not include a list of keywords.
-Do not include what the content is on your site in the title.
-Do not include marketing hype.

The Description should be a brief summary of what your site offers that is unique.

-The description should be in English.
-Do not include superlatives or marketing hype.
-Do not submit a list of keywords.
-Do not use unnecessary capitalization or include HTML tags.

If your site is a membership site, remember to include your email address. Editors must review the membership area and will be emailing you for a username/password, in order to complete this review. You may include the username/password with your submission.

Submit your site to one category ONLY, if you feel your site is not properly categorized, you may submit your site to what you deem is the correct category and leave a note to the editor stating the reason you feel the change is justified.

All non-english sites should be submitted within the Adult/World/ structure, only english language sites will be listed in Adult/Arts

Adult cartoons are categorized into three main categories. Anime and Manga, Hentai, and our category, XToons. From the 1920s until today the world has had a love of cartoons. XToons are the adult version of cartoons (American based).
All sites will comply with ODP guidelines. Sites must have original content, and not spam submissions. All membership based sites will be asked for a login pending acceptance to ODP.