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Following these guidelines will allow us to add your site to the directory as quickly as possible.

  • Before submitting any sites to this category, please take the time to browse through the subcategories to make sure your site is included in the appropriate category.
  • If your site is not in English, please submit it to the proper category in Adult/World.
Adult/Arts is intended for sites that have a large measure of "redeeming social value", while at the same time having sexual content. Fairly inclusive, but requires some evidence of the creative process being employed.
Do not submit sites to this category. Please submit to the appropriate Adult/Business sub-categories.

The Adult Business component of the Open Directory generally lists and categorizes English-language sites that cover:

Adult Business as an activity:

  • Sites covering industrial and commercial activities involving the exchange of commodities, entertainment production, personal services, or financial resources.
  • Sites offering supporting services, information and resources to businesses, entertainers, and individual service providers.

Adult Business as an entity:

  • Official web sites for and about corporations and commercial enterprises (including subsidiaries) that manufacture, distribute, market and sell adult oriented goods and services to other businesses (B2B) and/or consumers (B2C). Note: If the purpose of the site is to serve as a Shopping destination for consumers, the site should be listed in the Adult/Shopping/ category.
  • Sites that focus on the operational aspects of a business enterprise: human resources, management, marketing, etc.
Sites generally not listed in the Adult/Business category:
  • Online shopping: Sites that exist primarily to sell goods and services directly to the consumer should be listed in the Adult/Shopping category.
  • Local businesses: Sites for inherently local businesses -- such as types of business that are commonly found in most localities and serve primarily the people and businesses in that area -- are in most cases listed exclusively in the Adult/Regional/ category.
Do not submit sites to this category. No sites will be listed on the top level.
Adult/Computers deals with sites that affect computers and computing, both on the internet and offline.

This category is for sites including primarily morbid or gory content, i.e. images of gratuitous violence, death, crime scenes, accidents, mutilation, disfigurement, diseases or explicit descriptions thereof, without any serious literary, artistic, political, or scientific value.

Sites offering such content with serious literary, artistic, political, or scientific value should be submitted to appropriate categories i.e. under Society, Adult/Society, Arts, Adult/Arts, or Science.

This category is for sites including morbid or gory content that

  • primarily appeals to those that like to see images or read texts that are normally considered extremely tasteless, shocking or disturbing, and
  • isn't of any serious literary, artistic, political, or scientific value.

Gory: Covered with gore, stained with blood, bloody.

Morbid: unwholesome, sickly; marked by exaggerated or inappropriate feelings of gloom, apprehension, or suspicion.

Definitions taken from the Oxford English Dictionary.

Only very general sites, applicable to nearly anything Adult/Games-related, should be accepted in the Adult/Games category. Please submit sites focused on specific kinds of games to the appropriate subcategories.
The ODP Adult/Games category covers activities that are meant to entertain the participants and that are governed by a specific set of rules. Games are usually competitive, the players are either competing against each other, or against one or more simulated players, or against tasks set by the game rules. There are usually ways to win and lose a game spelled out in the rules. This category covers sites about nearly any sort of game, including Computer Games, Roleplaying Games, and Gambling Games, and most other activities that refer to themselves as "games". However, Recreation, and Shopping sites belong in separate categories. Adult/Recreation is for entertaining tasks that may not be competitive, without a way to absolutely win or lose, and not governed by a specific set of rules. Adult/Shopping is for sites primarily devoted to selling items, including games, but not primarily to describing them or enabling play.
***Please DO NOT submit your sites here. Choose a proper category from the following pages:***

Click here for AVS sites

Click here for Free sites

Click here for Member sites

Sections for groups or galleries of pictures, listed by category and type: membership, AVS, or free. Doorways and affiliate sites are not accepted. The editors reserve the right not to list your site, and to delete it after its addition. Multiple submissions, especially to inappropriate categories, will not be tolerated.
Please submit only sites containing news about events, industries or activities that most readers would consider to be of a prurient nature. News sites about sexuality in general or about sexual preference should be submitted to other sections of Adult or even to non-Adult sections of the directory.

News sites must be updated frequently to be considered for inclusion - at least once per week.

If a membership is required to view a site, you must include a temporary username and password.

Adult News sites provide material that is updated frequently and contains current news and features that may be considered too risque for inclusion in a non-Adult News section of the directory. Some 'about' news may be equally valuable; this might include essays on current events or sites describing other news sources in detail. Common topics for Adult/News are: the adult entertainment industry, sex in the news, sex in pop culture and adult-oriented events in the news. This category also lists sub-categories for adult-oriented magazines (online and paper-based) and newspapers.
If your site requires any type of membership, whether paid or not, provide your e-mail address, so that the editor can contact you for username/password information and be able to review your site.
Hobbies, activities, pastimes, and collecting. Adult-oriented sites only should go in this category; non-adult sites should go under the main Adult/Recreation category.
If your site has a membership section, you need to include a username and password which will be used for review purposes only. Add this at the end of your site description from where it will be removed when the site is listed. Failure to do this will at best result in a long delay before your site is reviewed.
The Adult/Regional category contains sites written in the English language only. Places with a physical presence in specific geographical regions of the world (for example escort services, clubs, strippers, etc.) are included here. The Adult/World category contains all non-English language sites. Where known and appropriate, specific locations are indicated between [ ] at the start of a site description. Similarly, AVS or membership sites are designated as such at the end of site description. When submitting a site, please try to do so in the appropriate category. Should that category not exist, then submit to the appropriate region and please indicate in the description to which category you think it belongs. The editors may create the suggested category or a similar one at their discretion.
Following these guidelines will allow us to add your site to the directory as quickly as possible.

  • Find the single most appropriate category for your site. With few exceptions, sites are listed in the directory in one category only.
  • Submit your site using your main url. With few exceptions, we do not deep link sites in Adult/Shopping.
  • Use your actual business name as the title.
  • Create a brief description, under 25 words, listing the current content of your site (not the future content)
  • Do not use first person verbiage (we, our, us).
  • Don''t bother using marketing verbiage. (We''re the best!, Most awesome site, Check it Out!) Marketing verbiage is removed.
  • Sites which are mirrors of other sites or that redirect to another site will not be listed. Only the main site will be listed.
  • Sites that are affiliates or lists of affiliate links that do not contain original content will not be listed.
  • Sites which are gateways or splash pages to affiliate sites will not be added.
  • Individual distributors for Multi-Level Marketers are not listed in Adult/Shopping.
  • Non-English sites should be submitted to the appropriate Adult/World/ category.
  • Sites which are mainly advertising for a local store and that do not offer online shopping should be submitted to the appropriate Adult/Regional/ category.
  • All sites are reviewed periodically.
  • Sites in the directory are subject to changes in placement, description and possible removal from the directory, based on this review.
All sites submitted are reviewed by the directory''s editors. Sites are listed by the actual business name, followed by a brief description. This description will be based on the information you provide and the review of the website. Sites will be placed in the single most applicable and highest category based on our review. Sites which are continually submitted to the directory, using either a main url, mirrors or sub-pages, will be banned.
Adult/Shopping/ contains sites of which the primary focus is to allow the consumer to select and obtain goods and services over the Web. Common examples include:
  • Integrated online shopping-cart systems that allow the user to order directly over the Web
  • Online shopping-cart systems that allow the user to generate an order form to be sent to the merchant via fax or mail
  • Simple directories of products and prices that the user can order via mail or phone.
For more information about the Shopping category please see the Shopping FAQ .
Do not submit sites with galleries of pictures here. Those should be submitted to Adult/Image_Galleries under an appropriate category.
The Society category covers human interaction in all its adult-oriented forms. Look through the sub-categories to find the appropriate place.
This category is for non-English, Adult-oriented sites.
Sites written in other languages than English should be submitted to the proper subcategories - Fran├žais, Italiano, Deutsch, Svenska, for example. Submitting here should be limited to the sites which have no proper language category yet. If you do need to submit your site here, it will help speed up the listing if you clearly indicate the language of the site.
A more detailed description can be found at
This category is for non-English, Adult-oriented sites. A more detailed description can be found at
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