A listing of dragon boat teams geographically located in Canada.
Abreast In A Boat
History, news, and stories about a group of women from Vancouver, living with breast cancer and participating in dragon boat racing to raise awareness.
Abreast Of Life Dragon Boat Team
A Breast Cancer Survivors' Dragon Boat Team formed in 1998. The team consists of approximately 25 women ranging in ages from 40 to 76. Members represent Centeral Vancouver Island and come from Nanaimo to Qualicum.
Calgary Dragon Boat Club
A crew based in Calgary, Canada with photos and links to other teams.
CIBC DragonBoat Team
Photos and schedule information for the Toronto-based bank crew.
Eye of the Dragon
A dragon boat team with blind, visually-impaired and sighted paddlers that competes against able-bodied teams. Vancouver.
Grandragons Dragonboat Team
Link and photos from Canada's first mixed seniors team based in Vancouver, Canada.
Imperial Dragons (Canada)
A competitive crew from Toronto with some race results.
JetStart Dragon Boat Team
News, race information and photos from a crew of mainly Air Canada employees.
Lake Revelstoke Dragon Boat Society
Paddle on Lake Revelstoke in British Columbia. Our co-ed team includes both cancer survivors and supporters.
Paddlers Anonymous Dragon Boat Club
Photos and news from a fun and competitive dragon boat crew based in Toronto, Canada.
A dragon boat and canoe Club based in Singapore with photos, links, forum and training information.
Stratford Dragon Boat Club
Membership information, schedules and photos about their three teams: Dragons of Steel, Stratford Women's Crew, and Sirens.
UC Waterdragons
Events, news and photos from the University College crew in Toronto, Canada.
Verdun Dragon Boat Club
Sponsors two Montreal teams. Includes training program, practice schedule, and race calendar.
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