Sports Rope Skipping Clubs and Teams
This category deals with clubs and teams.
Bouncing Bulldogs
An international rope skipping demonstration team from Chapel Hill, North Carolina. Features a team profile and information on upcoming camps and workshops.
Cary SuperSkippers
A performance and competition jump rope sports team in Cary, North Carolina, U.S. News, photos, videos, tryouts and contacts.
Comet Skippers
Competitive jump rope team from Mason, Ohio.
Foothill Force Jump Rope Team
Profile, calendar, competitions, photos and links. Located in the Foothill area of Los Angeles County, California, U.S.
Funky Frogs
A club in Riedstadt, Germany. Provides a newsletter, pictures, and a brief introduction.
Hamilton Hoppers
A competitive and demonstration team from Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. Team competes at Provincial and National Levels. Includes team history and links to related sites.
The Heartbeats
A jump rope team based in Ohio, US. Includes list of performances and some competition results.
Hot Dog USA
A competition and demonstration team from Kirkland, Washington. Features team information, a photo album, and games.
Iowa Skippers
A demonstration team from Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Features team information, images, and movies.
Jump Company USA
A competition and demonstration team from Parkersburg, West Virginia. Features team roster, news, and a photo album.
Jumping Buddies
A precision jump rope and gymnastics club in Woodbridge, Virginia, USA. Features photographs and competition schedule.
Jumping Jax
The official site of the competitive and demonstration team in Northeastern Indiana, U.S. General information, videos, photos, and contact the coaches.
Just Jumpin'
A competition and demonstration team from River Heights, Utah, U.S. Video, performances, workshops and contacts.
Kangaroo Kids
A competition and demonstration team from Simpsonville, Maryland. Features team information, schedules, and team successes.
Lincoln Leapers Jump Rope Team
A non profit competitive jump rope team based out of Lincoln, Ontario, Canada. Performance, competition and contacts.
Shasta Skippers
Demonstration jump rope team that conducts workshops, performs at community events and participates in competition. Redding, California, U.S.
Skip It
A competition and demonstration team from Boulder, Colorado. Features upcoming events, photo albums, and team information.
A competition and demonstration team from Chapel Hill, North Carolina. Features team accomplishments, upcoming events, and camp information.
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