This category is designated for places of Aikido instruction in England. Eventually, we hope to expand this list so that users will be able to find instruction wherever they are. Submissions are always welcome.

Websites in this category must be in English. Sites exclusively in other languages should be submitted to the appropriate World category. Bilingual sites may be listed in both categories.

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Aikido Dojo Camberley
Affiliated to Tomita Academy in Berkshire. Gives details of membership, training schedule, news and events.
Aikido Dojo London
Iwama style offered in North London. Includes class schedule, club pictures and contact details.
Aikido in Hertfordshire
Based in Stevenage and offering a traditional Iwama style. Includes class schedule, club news, instructors' biographies and related links.
Aikido Nottingham
Traditional style offered by British Aikido Federation affiliate. Includes class schedule, instructors' biographies and related links.
Aikido Shoshinkan
Yoshinkan style offered in Nottingham. Includes class schedule, history of style taught, FAQs and contact details.
Aikido Yuishinkai Andover
Based in Dorset, this club offers Ki-style Aikido instruction. Details include style description, class schedules and affiliations.
AikidoAlive London
Iwama style offered in North London. Includes class schedule, instructor's biography and details of affiliations.
Banyu Hatten Aikido
Ki-style clubs around the UK. Includes a history, club contact details and news.
Bicester Aikido Club
Kai Shin Kai and British Aikido Board member located in Bicester, Oxfordshire. Class schedule, membership information, gallery, and general Aikido resources.
Brighton Kai Shin Kai Aikido Club
Aikikai style offered. Includes details of instructor's experience, club news and class times.
Bristol Ki Aikido
Includes class schedule, location map, videos and contact details.
Broadland Aikido Club
Institute of Aikido affiliate based in Lowestoft, Suffolk. Event calendar, class schedule, and instructor information.
Cambridge Aiki-Dojo
Aikikai style practised. Includes class times and locations, news and events.
Cambridge Aikido Club
Iwama style offered. Includes details of class times and club location.
Central London Shodokan Aikido Dojo
Shodokan or Tomiki style offered. Includes class schedule, contact details, club photos, related links and news of forthcoming events.
Chishin Dojo
Based in Coventry. Includes class schedule, news of forthcoming events, photos and related links.
Cocks Moors Woods Central Aikikai
British Birankai affiliate located in Birmingham. Includes class schedule, instructor biographies, course syllabuses, and image galleries.
De Montfort University Aikido Club
UKA (United Kingdom Aikikai) affiliate offering instruction at the De Montfort University Aikido club in Leicester. General information, etiquette handbook, and multimedia.
Eastleigh Aikido Club
Tomiki style offered to adults and children in Eastleigh, Hampshire. Includes class schedule, news of forthcoming events, and related links.
Ei Mei Kan Dojo
Aikikai style practised in Birmingham. Includes information about class times and location, news, and related links.
The Ellis Schools of Traditional Aikido
Dojos located in Bracknell and Basingstoke. Includes news, articles, and reading list.
Exeter Aikido
Based in Exeter and directly affiliated with the Osaka Aikikai in Japan. Includes class schedule, an introduction to aikido and related links.
Hull Rising Sun Aikido
Traditional style offered. Affiliated to the CUA Aikido Union. Includes class schedule, club photos and related links.
Isshin Dotai Aikido
Independent dojo located on the Derby University Campus in Derby. Includes class schedule, multimedia, and general Aikido information.
Ittaikan Aikido Club
Tomiki-style club based in Brighton. Class schedules and contact details are given.
Ken yu shin kai
Based in Brighton and affiliated to Shin Gi Tai. Includes class schedule, club news and videos. [RSS]
Kilburn Aikido
Ki style offered in North West London. Contains locations, cost, news and contact information.
Lancashire Aikikai
Aikikai style taught at centres in Lancashire, Greater Manchester and Merseyside. Contains class details and a description of aikido.
London Aikido Dojo
Teaching Tomiki style in South East London. Details of class times and locations, news and a picture gallery are included.
London Aikikai
Aikikai style taught in London. Includes class times and locations. It also details dojo history and dojo events.
London Shodokan Aikido Club West Kent
Shodokan style Aikido instruction at Tonbridge and Tunbridge Wells locations. Information about the style, teaching syllabus, and training.
London Shodokan Dartford
Shodokan style Aikido instruction in Dartford, London. Information concerning style, training, and syllabus.
Manchester Aikido Club
Aikikai dojo. Contains club history, class times and contact details.
Masakatsu Aikido - East Devon Dojo
Independent dojo located near near Ottery St Mary in South West Engliand. Linked to the Spanish and Osakan Aikikai form. Provides information about classes, syllabus, instructors, and dojo location.
Meridian Aikido
Ki style Aikido taught at in Greenwich and Croydon, South London. Dojo news, instructor biographies, class schedule, and information for new members.
The Mid Sussex Martial Arts School
Based in Scaynes Hill. Also offers classes in Judo, Iaido and Karate. Includes class schedule and related links.
Mokuyobi Yoru Aikido CLub
Tomiki style offered in West End, Hampshire. Class schedule, club photos, membership information, grading syllabus, and related links.
Newbury Aikido Club
Tomiki style offered to adults and children. Includes a class schedule, news of forthcoming events and related links.
Norwich Aikido Club
Traditional style taught. Includes news, training times and gallery of photographs.
Open Aikido Association London
Traditional style offered at dojos in South East England with direct links to Aikido Kobayashi Dojos Japan. Includes club photos, news of forthcoming events and contact details.
Phoenix Aikido and Fitness Club
Affiliated to Yama Arashi and based in Coventry. Gives details of class times and locations, and includes a picture gallery of club activities.
Pinner Aikido Club London
Traditional style offered. Affiliated to Kai Shin Kai. Includes class schedule, club news, instructors' biographies and club photos.
Reading Zenshin Aikido Club
Traditional Iwama style is taught. Class times and location are given.
Rising Sun Aikido
Offers courses in Aikikai-style Aikido for adults and children in Weston-Super-Mare, North Somerset. Includes class information, club history, advice for beginners, and photo gallery.
Ryusui-Ryu Martial Art Schools
Dojos offering a blend of aikido and karate in Kent. Includes contact details and information about the style offered.
Satomi Kai Aikido
Affiliated to Kai Shin Kai and located in Stowmarket, Suffolk. Includes club details, links, and a description of aikido.
Shudokan Aikido
Yoshinkan style offered in Nottingham. Includes class schedule, links and information.
Southampton Ki Aikido Club
Ki style taught. Gives details of training methods, class times, news and affiliations.
St Albans Ki Aikido Club
Affiliated to Ki Federation of Great Britain. Includes class schedule, contact details and news of forthcoming events.
St Ives Aiki Dojo
United States Aikido Federation affiliate based in Cambridgeshire. Includes class schedule, upcoming events, image gallery, and online forum.
Stockport Aikido
Member of Lancashire Aikikai. Includes class schedule, club photos, club news and club etiquette.
Stratford Phoenix Aikido Club
Affiliated to Yama Arashi UK. Includes contact details, class schedule, a photo gallery and news of forthcoming events.
TenChiKan Aikido Dojo
Traditional style offered in Bristol. A Member of Kobayashi dojos, Japan. Details given of class times and locations as well as club photographs.
Tetsushinkan Aikido and Kenjutsu
Aikikai and Kashima Shinryu Kenjutsu dojo located in North London. Includes details of class times, locations, and dojo philosophy and history.
Three Rivers Aikido
Traditional Iwama style taught in Watford, Hertfordshire. Details given of class times and locations. Picture gallery of club members and instructor is included.
Trafford Aikido Club
Traditional style offered in Manchester. Includes class schedule, and information for new and existing club members.
University of Bristol Aikido Club
Aikikai style practised. Details given of club affiliation, class times and aikido equipment for sale.
Walthamstow YMCA Aikido
Based in North East London. Contains instructor profiles, grading syllabus, articles, photographs and links.
Warwick Aikido
Aikikai style offered at the University of Warwick. Includes class schedule, news of forthcoming events and club photos.
White Oak Aikido - Reading
Institute of Aikido member clubs in Reading at the YMCA and Reading University. Information on class schedules, membership, instructors and how to begin.
White Rose Aikido Club
Independent association of dojos located in West Yorkshire and the North East . Site provides dojo contact information, online newsletter, grading syllabus, and instructor profiles.
Zanshin-Kai Aikido Club
Located in Sutton Coldfield, West Midlands. Contains class times and locations, information about aikido, a dojo gallery, and details about the instructor.
Zenshin Kokoro Aikido
Based in Hull and offering a traditional style. Includes class schedule, calendar of forthcoming events, related links and a photo gallery.
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