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Jeet Kune Do is the popular name of the martial arts training system and philosophy developed by the late Bruce Lee.

Bruce Lee studied traditional Chinese gung-fu and other arts during his lifetime. He also developed some distinctive techniques and articulated his own theory of training. This category contains information about the martial arts as practiced by those who attempt to follow Bruce Lee's approach and methods.

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Jeet Kune Do Kickboxing
Teaching in jeet kune do, wing chun kung fu and Filipino combat escrima. [San Francisco, California]
Jeet Kune Do Today
Sections on the straight lead, hooks, and developing power and speed, plus other technical and philosophical issues. Excerpts from Bruce Lee's writings.
Jeet Kune Do Wednesday Night Group: Redlands
This non-profit group was founded to help define and teach the core curriculum of Bruce Lee’s jeet kune do for the purpose of preserving it. The site features articles by instructors, including member Tim Tackett, as well as discussion forums and video clips. [Redlands, California, United States]
Jun Fan Fighting Arts Association
Animations of techniques, section on JKD and women's self defense, technique of the month with photos, and class schedule for instructor Lamar Davis. [Birmingham, Alabama]
Jun Fan Jeet Kune Do Grappling Association
Programs, biography, law enforcement seminars and philosophy of Larry Hartsell, instructor under Dan Inosanto. [Los Angeles, California]
Professor Gary Dill's Jeet Kune Do Association
Professor Gary Dill trained under Bruce Lee while he was alive. Offers seminars, videos and writings on Jeet Kune Do. [Talequah, Oklahoma]
Progressive Fighting Systems by Paul Vunak
An organization dedicated to the exploration and teaching of realistic street self-defense. PFS was formed fourteen years ago by Jeet Kune Do instructor Paul Vunak.

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