The Private Leagues category features fantasy football leagues that are based in one locality and are open to new members who are from or near to that locality only. It also contains leagues whose owners, who although may not be centrally located in one city or metropolitan area, share some other common bond such as members of a fraternity, family, co-workers, college alumni, etc. These leagues are generally not open to the public at large, and new members into the leagues are usually known by current members or share a common bond as noted above.

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American Fantasy Football League
Formed in 1994 by a bunch of Brits who decided to form a keeper league for fun.
Busch League
Twelve team league in Jacksonville, Florida established in 1989.
Crystal Ball Fantasy League
Twelve team league where no post-draft transactions are permitted and there are no starting lineups. Uses a performance scoring system. Standings are based on total points scored rather than head-to-head matchups.
Dearborn Athletic Association
DAA statistics, rosters, scoring, schedule and reports. Includes NFL rosters and schedule.
Ed Hughes Football League
Named after the former Houston Oilers coach, this is a twelve team keeper league from Houston, Texas. Established in 1980.
Elmore Fantasy Football League
Established in 1993, the EFFL was originally composed of Woodmore High School (Ohio) students, but now spans the entire world.
FFL Online
A twelve team keeper league based out of Middletown, Connecticut; established in 1992.
Four Horsemen Fantasy Football League
Texas based, ten team league founded in 1995. Features individual defensive players, a thirteen week regular season, and six team playoff.
Midwest Collegiate Athletic Association
League based on college rather than professional football. Features sixteen teams and four bowl games. Established in 2003.
North Austin Fantasy Football League
Twelve team performance scoring league with fourteen week season.
Official Fantasy Football League
Fourteen team, forty player keeper league which uses both offensive and defensive players. Established in 1991.
S. U. Fantasy Football League
Ten team keeper league that competes annually for the Haupt Trophy. Founded by alumni of Syracuse University.
Westbank Fantasy Football League
Ten team league started in 1989; based in New Orleans, Louisiana.
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