Cross dressers are people who choose to present themselves in part or fully as a member of the opposite sex. They differ, broadly speaking, from Transsexuals in that they have no desire to permanently become a member of the opposite sex.

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Allison's Place
Allison's site includes a biography, a page on make-up and application, as well as photos that provide a step-by-step transformation.
Becky Storm
All about a transgendered girl with a bio and links.
Claudia's Diversity
Website of Claudia Tyler-Mae, UK-based tranvestite. Features pictures, articles, surveys, personal information, advice, influences, interviews and links.
A Crossdressers Secret Garden
Informative site with family-type information for the spouse or SO of CD's. Opinion poll, survey, and other links.
A simple weblog.
Ecstasy of Erica's Crossdressing
Experienced hetrosexual CD provides links, photos and diary.
Jamie Renae's Place
A NW Arkansas CD with a biography, photos and links to several established support groups.
Joanna's Diary
The biography, pictures and diary of Joanna Nicholls, a T-girl living in the South East of England.
Kelli's Korner
A young transgendered girl's biography, photos, links and support pages.
Lucys Little bit of the Web
Essex,UK based CD. Bio, FAQ, album all about me.
Sensuous in Satin
Amanda shares her transgender life in Sydney, Australia.
Strange Little Girl
Official site of Nina Jay. Includes information about her transgendered lifestyle and crossdressing inspirations. a biography,photos, and links.
TRANS People in CZ
Personal site for PaulaTV, plus links to most T-people in the Czech Republic, shops, information, and chat rooms.
Vicky's Vault
Reviews, friends, biography, fun stuff, links and a 50+ list of places in the area.
Yuki's Crossdressing Pictures
Yuki's crossdressing pictures.Cosplay,lolita and others. Click link line for connection.

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