This category contains sites that either directly oppose or openly question concepts, teachers or groups uniquely identified with the New Age movement. The New Age movement is a 'holistic' movement, a diverse collection of people who share not so much one set of beliefs, but rather an optimistic faith in the future, a belief in personal and spiritual growth, and an open-mindedness towards non-traditional forms of spirituality. While the term 'new age' is often misappropriated to mean 'any kind of new spirituality', the roots of most new age beliefs are firmly based in one or more established religions. New Age beliefs are often described as a 'fusion' or 'blend' of some aspects of different established religions. Many New Age sites or entities will have elements of Christianity or, often, Eastern religions and/or earth-based religions. It is very difficult to pin down what is, and what is not "New Age", particularly as the term is sometimes used in a derogatory sense by those opposed. Common themes which underpin just about all New Age topics, however, are the belief in some kind of supreme being or beings, and an emphasis on taking personal responsibility for one's life rather than relying upon set rituals or belief systems.

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The Age Old New Age Movement
Explores the New Age Movement from a biblical perspective.
Dajjal System
Islamic analysis of the system of the AntiChrist, Al-Masih ad-Dajjal, and the New World Order.
The New Age Movement
Theorizing New Age is a collection of eastern-influenced metaphysical ideologies that are bound together by universal tolerance and moral relativism.
New Age vs. Vedic Tradition
Comparison of similarities and differences in teachings.

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