Interdenominational renewal movement for youth. It is often associated with a local Walk to Emmaus community. Sponsored by the Upperroom of the United Methodist Church. Chryslis Flights are for high school age youth, while Chrysalis Journeys are for those of college age. For more information, please see and

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Upperroom Chrysalis
The teenage and young adult version of the Walk to Emmaus. A 4th day Christian renewal movement.
Alabama Young Adult Chrysalis
Features application forms, newsletter, and calendar.
Aldersgate Chrysalis
Florida. Includes applications, schedule, and newsletter.
Atlanta South Chrysalis
Georgia. Includes events, message board, and photographs.
Australian Chrysalis
Features events and contact information.
Big Country Chrysalis Community
Abilene, Texas. Forms, events, and contacts.
Bluelake Chrysalis Community
Alabama. Includes news, events, and contacts.
Campbellsville Chrysalis
Kentucky. Features events, forms, and news.
Cedar Rapids Chrysalis
Iowa. Features announcements, calendar, and applications.
Central Alabama Chrysalis Community
Includes events and application.
Central Carolinas Chrysalis
Includes photographs, schedule, and news.
Channel Islands Chrysalis Community
California. Includes events, applications, and reunion group information.
Chrysalis of the Rockies
Colorado. Features applications, calendar, reunion groups, and officers.
Cleveland, Tennessee Chrysalis Community
Includes applications and schedules.
Coastal Carolina Chrysalis
South Carolina. Includes news, a FAQ, and leader resources.
Columbus Chrysalis Cares
Ohio. Includes upcoming flights, application, contacts, and news.
Cornerstone Chrysalis
Kentucky. Community information, contacts, and events.
Cradle Chrysalis Community
Lake Jackson, Texas. Provides news, upcoming events, contacts, and forms.
Cross Winds Chrysalis
Kansas. Includes calendar, community agape, forum, and registration information.
Dallas Chrysalis Community
Features forms, events, and community information.
Delmarva Chrysalis Community
Delaware and Maryland. Community information and events.
Elizabethtown Chrysalis
Kentucky. Forms, events, and community information.
Florida Crown Chrysalis
Includes news, forms, reunion groups, and calendar.
Garden State Lighthouse Chrysalis
New Jersey. Includes history, email directory, announcements, and events.
Gloriosa Chrysalis Community
South Africa. Features events, photographs, and forms.
Golden Triangle Chrysalis Community
Texas. Includes applications, newsletter, and events.
Great Smokey Mountain Chrysalis Community
Tennessee. Features application, calendar of events, and contacts.
Greater Findlay Area Chrysalis
Ohio. Includes events, announcements, and board of directors.
Greater Indianapolis Area Chrysalis
News and community information.
Green Country Chrysalis
Oklahoma. Features events, forum, forms, and contacts.
Heart Mountain Chrysalis
Wyoming. Includes forms, events, and contacts.
Heart of Carolina Chrysalis
Features forms, events, maps, contact list, and butterfly clipart.
Heart of Georgia Chrysalis
Features application, calendar of events, mailing list, and steering committee.
Heart of SunCoast Chrysalis
Florida. Features news, events, application, and photographs.
High Desert Cornerstone Chrysalis
News, events, and community information.
Houston West Chrysalis Community
Texas. Features events, newsletter, and applications.
Iowa Chrysalis
Includes events and contacts.
Keystone Chrysalis
Pennsylvania. Lists forms, events, and community information.
Loudon Valley Chrysalis
Virginia. Features calendar, events, and applications.
Madisonville Chrysalis Community
Kentucky. Provides news, forms, contacts, and newsletter.
Missouri East Chrysalis Community
Includes forms, newsletters, testimonies, and calendar.
Mountain Ridge Chrysalis and Journeys
North Carolina. Features newsletters, applications, announcements, and events.
Mountain Top Chrysalis
Western North Carolina and Northern Georgia. Forms, events, and community information.
Nashville Chrysalis Community
Tennessee. Features FAQ, message board, and events.
National Capital Area Chrysalis
Includes events and contact information.
Nebraska Chrysalis
Includes news, community information, and events.
New Covenant Chrysalis
Alabama. Events and contact information.
North Georgia Chrysalis
Includes events, applications, and contact information.
Northeast Ohio Chrysalis
Includes events, applications, and contacts.
Northern Illinois Chrysalis
Features events, applications, archives, and board members.
Northern Kentucky Chrysalis
Lists news, events, and community information.
Owensboro Chrysalis
Kentucky. Features events, community information, and contacts.
Pathway East Chrysalis Community
Georgia. Includes forms, events, and contacts.
Pennyrile Chrysalis Community
Kentucky. Features forums, applications, calendar, and news.
Protea Chrysalis Community
South Africa. Features schedule, message board, Chrysalis information, member area, and contacts.
Quad Cities Chrysalis
Illinois. Includes calendar, applications, and newsletter.
Richmond, Virginia Chrysalis
Includes prayer vigil, forums, and schedule.
Son Coast Chrysalis
Eastern North Carolina. Offers events and community information.
South Georgia Chrysalis
Presents calendar, forms, community information, and news.
Southern Ohio Chrysalis
Features calendar of events, applications, mailing list, flight lists, and newsletters.
Southwest Virginia Chrysalis Community
Features news, events, and community information.
Tidewater Chrysalis Community
Virginia. Features calendar, board, and applications.
West Ohio Chrysalis
Features calendar, newsletters, and applications.
Wyoming Conference Chrysalis
New York and Pennsylvania. Features events, applications, maps, and board.
Yellowstone Valley Chrysalis
Montana. Includes events and community information.
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