Interdenominational, lay-run Christian ministry. It is designed for exclusive use in men and women's correctional institutions. Kairos is derived from the Cursillo movement and is supported by volunteers from Cursillo and those other movements that consider Cursillo as their root, such as Walk to Emmaus, Tres Dias, and Via de Cristo. For more information, please see and

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Cursillo method based prison ministry. Building strong Christian communities in jails and prisons through small groups of residents sharing their spiritual lives and praying together.
Kainos Community
A Christian based program in Great Britain which offers prisoners a challenge to change through offending behaviour intervention courses, workshops, supportive community living and social development.
Kairos at Darrington
Information about the ministry serving the Texas prison unit.
Kairos Australia
Includes events calendar, agape and prayer requests, and newsletters.
Kairos of Alabama
Includes newsletter, schedule, and contacts.
Kairos of Arizona
Features news, schedule, programs within the state and upcoming weekends.
Kairos of Arkansas
Programs, calendar, and downloads.
Kairos of Canada
Features event calendar, testimonials, photographs, and contacts.
Kairos of Colorado
Includes newsletters and events.
Kairos of Connecticut
Presents events, applications, and contact information.
Kairos of Delaware
Contact information, institutions served, and forms.
Kairos of Georgia - Washington State Prison
Offers calendar of events, links to institutions, newsletters, jobs, videos.
Kairos of Idaho
Features news, contacts, and calendar.
Kairos of Illinois
Features programs, contacts, and volunteer information.
Kairos of Indiana
Calendar, contact information, and facilities served.
Kairos of Kansas
Lists programs, events, contacts, and volunteer information.
Kairos of Kentucky
Has calendar, forms, contacts, and programs.
Kairos of Louisiana
Features team applications, schedules, and institutions ministered to.
Kairos of Maine
Features news, schedule, and applications.
Kairos of Mississippi
Includes team applications, schedules, newsletters and info about Kairos Outside.
Kairos of Missouri
Includes State Board contacts, facts and history of the ministry, statement of faith, and information about getting involved.
Kairos of Missouri - Crossroads
Information about ministry inside the Crossroads Correctional Center in Cameron, Missouri. Includes weekly calendar and team meetings.
Kairos of New Hampshire
Affiliated with the Kairos Prison Ministry International, we take Christ's message of Hope and Love into the Prisons of New Hampshire, USA. Current events, dates and newsletter available.
Kairos of New Mexico
Features prayer lists, forms, and upcoming events.
Kairos of New York
Includes links for state officers, training, facilities, information for new volunteers and contact info.
Kairos of North Carolina
Regional division of national prison ministry. Features volunteer information, events schedule and a newsletter.
Kairos of Ohio
Ohio region of international prison ministry. Features a calendar of events, contact information, articles and newsletters.
Kairos of Oregon
Provides contact information, programs, and news.
Kairos of Pennsylvania
Provides contact info, calendar of events, links and tools.
Kairos of San Diego
California. Includes news, contacts, and fundraisng activities.
Kairos of South Carolina
Provides contact info, officers, Karios Kookie recipes, prayer request submission form, and list of institutions.
Kairos of Tennessee
Features information about Kairos Inside, Kairos Youth, Kairos Outside, and links for institutions.
Kairos of Texas
Features weekend dates, contacts, and newsletter.
Kairos of Virginia
Includes schedule, contacts, events, newsletters, and team applications.
Kairos of Washington
Features programs, contacts, and news.
Kairos of West Virginia
Includes calendar, applications, institutions served, information about Kairos Outside.
Kairos of Wisconsin
Has calendar, forms, programs, and contact information.
Kairos Prision Ministry at California Medical Facility (CMF) - Vacaville
Mission, News and Events, Gallery, Videos, Blog and Links.
Kairos Prison Ministry - Ferguson Unit
Texas. Includes directions, maps, cookie instructions, and guidelines.
Kairos Prison Ministry at MCI
South Carolina. Features training, forms, links, recipes and other Kairos sites.
Kairos Prison Ministry in Florida
Presents newsletters, contacts, videos, and calendar.
Kairos Prison Ministry of Georgia
Features news, contacts, and weekend schedule.
Kairos Prison Ministry of Oklahoma
Includes calendar, programs, contact information, and forms.
Kairos Prison Ministry South Africa
Includes newsletter, events, and contacts.
Maryland Kairos
Consists of Kairos Inside and Kairos Outside 3 day weekend retreats. Find links to other 3-day events, calendar, volunteer applications and contact info.
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