The Moravian Church grew out of the small Herrnhut community in Germany, founded in 1722 by Protestant refugees from Bohemia and Moravia on the estate of the Pietist Count Nicholas von Zinzendorf. It sent out its first missionaries in 1732 to the West Indies and came to North America in 1742. It is noted for its traditions of music, worship, and community life.

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The Moravian Church in North America
One of the first Protestant denominations with roots going back to the 15th Century reformer John Hus, Moravians worldwide have long focused on faithful living in community, education for all, musical expression, and Christian unity.
Unitas Fratrum
Worldwide Moravian Church site with news, history, documents, and provinces.
The Moravian Board of World Mission
Mission work around the world since 1732. Background and links.
The Moravian Book Shop
The oldest continuously run bookstore in the United States, possibly in the whole world. Founded in 1745 to sell church publications, with profits going to the retirement fund for Moravian pastors.
Moravian Church in Canada
Includes congregations in Alberta and in Toronto, also the Labrador mission. Provides background information, beliefs, and contacts.
Moravian Church Northern Province Home Page
Links to official information and organizations and church districts.
Moravian Church Southern Province Home Page
News, calendar, beliefs, resources, sermons.
Moravian Forum - The Moravian Church
A collection of documents, letters and articles about current issues. Includes postings, discussions and a links and a directory of churches.
The Unity of the Brethren in Texas
Texas churches closely affiliated with the Moravians. Includes history, details of organizations, beliefs, and activities.

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