Systematic Theology, including dogmatics or doctrinal theology, involves the study of symbolic or confessional books, moral philosophy and ethics, and apologetics (defending the faith) and polemics (attacking the positions held by others for doctrinal reasons). It also includes inter-church relations and ecumenical endeavors.

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A Brief Statement of the Doctrinal Position of the Missouri Synod
LCMS paper emphasizing theological concerns of the late 19th and early 20th centuries.
CAT41 TableTalk: Files and Resources
Original essays and papers including synergism, whether the Pope is Antichrist, the Masonic Lodge, and the Campbellites (Churches of Christ). Luther Seal and other graphics. [WPD, DOC, RTF]
Church and Ministry in the Lutheran Confessions
Cites the Book of Concord in exploring the interdependence of the pastoral office and the body of Christ while also comparing the congregation to all of Christendom.
Compendium of Positive Theology
English translation of the introductory theses to each chapter of the book. Work quoted is the C. F. W. Walther edition of a dogmatics text by Johannes Baier.
Cranach Institute
A research and educational arm of Concordia University Wisconsin working out implications of the Lutheran doctrine of vocation and engaging contemporary culture with the Lutheran confessions.
Free Will and Salvation
Comparison of freedom of choice in Erasmus' philosophy versus Luther's theology of the bondage of the will.
Justification and Deification
Dialogue between the Tübingen Theologians and Patriarch Jeremias II.
Luther Academy
Dedicated to the preservation and promotion of genuine confessional Lutheran theology and research.
Luther Land
Confessional Lutheran essays including "Who is God," "Intro to Lutheran Theology," and "Gems of Lutheran Theology"; book and music reviews.
Luther's Little Instruction Book
The Small Catechism, R.E. Smith translation.
Lutheran Renewal
Promoting acceptance of special experiences of the presence of the Holy Spirit among individuals and churches through prayer, worship, retreats, and conferences.
Lutheran Theology
Compendium of basic Lutheran texts and commentaries. Also original essays in Confessional Lutheran theology by Rector David Jay Webber of Saint Sophia Ukrainian Lutheran Theological Seminary in Ternopil', Ukraine.
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