Ecclesiology it the branch of theology concerned with the nature, constitution, and functions of the church.
Christ in Revelation the One Walking in the Midst of the Local Churches
Witness Lee expounds on the significance of various details found in the description of Christ in Revelation and applies these details to the experience of Christ in the local churches today. Based on chapter 6 of his book The Seven Spirits for the Local Churches.
Enjoying and Drinking Christ in the Local Churches
Site based on chapter four of The Seven Spirits for the Local Churches by Witness Lee, which looks at the book of Revelation.
God's Revelation and God's Recovery of the Local Churches
Site based on chapter 2 of Witness Lee's book The Seven Spirits for the Local Churches.
The Ground of the Church Sequentially Typified in the Old Testament
How matter of one church in each city was prefigured in the Old Testament.
The Local Aspect of the Church
Examines a portion from one of Witness Lee's many books, "The Conclusion of the New Testament", in which he devotes an entire chapter to the local aspect of the church.
Local Church: Administration and Teaching in the Local Church
Management and teaching of a local church by its elders and deacons with the goal of building up the Body of Christ.
Local Church: Oneness, Nature, Life, and Essence of Local Church
The oneness, nature, life and essence, the universal and the local church.
Local Church: the Ground of the Church
Witness Lee and Watchman Nee teachings concerning the ground of the local church.
Local Church: the Local Churches Are the Practicality of the Universal Church
Quotes from the writings of Witness Lee and Watchman Nee highlighting the fact that without the local churches there is no way for the believers in Christ to participate in the universal church, and no possibility of a practical church life.
Local Church: The Practical Building Up of the Local Churches
How the Lord is fulfilling prophecy through the practical building up of the local churches.
Local Church: Universal and Local - Two Aspects of the Church
Witness Lee comments on the universal and local aspects of the local church.
The Practical Expression of the Church
Excerpts from chapter 3 of the book "The Practical Expression of the Church" dealing with the local church as the mystical body of Christ.
The Recovery of the Ground and Practice of the Local Churches
Examines a portion of a book written by Witness Lee, "A Brief Presentation of the Lord's Recovery." It stresses the importance of the local church.
The Testimony of Church History concerning the Ground of the Church
Quotations from twenty-two Bible expositors who, over the past century and a half, have expounded on the oneness of the church.
Witness Lee on the Local Church: its Nature, Ground, Condition, and Fellowship
Presents in Witness Lee's own words, the New Testament teaching concerning the local church. Based on chapter seven of his book Elders' Training Book 10, The Eldership and the God-ordained Way.
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