Sites with information on Pope Pius XII, d. 1958. He was in the difficult position of being pope during World War II, and there is a lot of debate in retrospect asking whether he did all he could to stop the Holocaust.

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Bum Rap
A book accusing Pius XII of being "Hitler's Pope" overestimates the pontiff's influence and underestimates his character. Lawrence Osborne reviews John Cornwell's book. In Salon.
A Catholic Response: Pope Pius XII and the Holocaust
Article points out that accusing Pope Pius XII of being indifferent to the Holocaust is a recent development based on fiction. At the time and immediately afterwards, the press and persecuted Jews hailed the Vatican as the one beacon in a darkened Europe.
The Holocaust and the Catholic Church
Reviewer James Carroll expounds the argument of John Cornwell's book "Hitler's Pope": that Pius XII was anti-Semitic and power-hungry. In the October 1999 issue of The Atlantic.
In Defense of Pope Pius XII
Article by Kenneth Woodward, published in Newsweek, 30 March, 1998. Pius was neither silent nor inactive about the Holocaust. In fact, during the Second World War, he was lauded for his singular efforts to halt the carnage.
Myth vs. Historical Fact
Article by Pierre Blet, one of the team of researchers who compiled the 11-volume set of Vatican documents related to World War II. These documents show that it is a baldfaced lie to assert that Pius condoned Nazism.
Top 100 Catholics: Pope Pius XII
Biographical sketch of Pius XII, voted one of the top Catholics of the 20th century by visitors to the Daily Catholic web site.

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