Congregation of the Sisters of Mercy
Includes history, spirituality, news, vocations, stories and information about Irish Sisters of Mercy around the world.
Convent of Mercy
A history of the Sisters of Mercy in the Collooney parish, Ireland.
Institute of Sisters of Mercy of Australia
History, mission statement, current issues, forums, contact details, and information for regional congregations.
Marymount Mercy Centre
A spirituality centre offering sabbatical, renewal, and retreat programs in Sydney, Australia.
Mercy Center Conference Retreat Center
Offering hospitality in Madison Connecticut. Includes programs, the Mercy Ecology Institute, directions, and spirituality.
Mercy Foundation
Part of a network of organisations founded by the Sisters of Mercy to serve the community.
Mercy World
The international network of the Sisters of Mercy. Includes association information, projects, conversations, news, and sacred space.
Mount Saint Mary House of Prayer
Sponsored by the New Jersey regional community. Includes programs, announcements, and directions.
Regional Community of Mid-Atlantic
Welcoming women to religious life in the spirit of Catherine McAuley. Ministries in education, social services, and social justice.
Regional Community of North Carolina
Includes an overview, community, ministries, affiliations, and reflections.
Sisters of Mercy of Aotearoa New Zealand
A community of women vowed to serve people in need of education, health care and social services. Includes history, ministry, news, and resources for each congregation.
Sisters of Mercy of Newfoundland
The story of Mercy in this province is one that is rich in history and tradition. Includes mission, resources, and news.
Sisters of Mercy of the Americas
Vowed to serve people in poverty, sickness, and ignorance. Includes news, questions and answers, works, justice, and connections.
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