This category is for sites which describe the translation process and different translation philosophies and approaches, such as dynamic (functional) equivalence and formal (verbal) equivalence.
Bible Translation: Why, What and How?
This paper discusses reasons for different translations, a classification of modern versions, the method of translation employed in different versions and a chart showing the theological orientation of the translators.
Bible Translations Differences
An online book critical of dynamic equivalence translation and supporting literal translation. [PDF]
Bible Versions and Types - Literal, Free, and Dynamic
Compares different Bible translations (literal, free and dynamic, with examples) and Bible types (students, reference, chronological, etc.)
Comparing Translations: Textual Criticism and Interpretation
Discusses textual criticism (lower criticism) and principles of interpretation which affect translations of the Bible.
Dogs, Urine, and Bible Translations
This short article shows a continuum of translation methods (formal, dynamic and paraphrase) showing where the major versions lie on that continuum. The article also has a few illustrative examples.
Dynamic and Formal Equivalence
A short Wikipedia article on the definition of these terms and a few examples.
English Translations of the Bible
This site includes short definitions of formal correspondence translations, dynamically equivalent translations and paraphrases.
Persistent Problems Confronting Bible Translators
Bruce Metzger discusses a number of problems, such as variant readings, word meanings, text punctuation, transliteration and stylistic problems
Theories of the Translation Process
Article on Bible translation by Bruce Metzger.
Translation Theory
Compares formal and dynamic equivalence and discusses some semantic theory.
Translation Theory and Methods
A collection of links to articles on the theories and methods of Bible translation.
We Really Do Need Another Bible Translation
An article on difficulties with dynamic or functional equivalent translations, ending with a plea for a more direct interpretation.
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