This category will offer reviews, evaluations, and comparisons of Bible translations.
Bible Version Comparison Chart
A table which lists 300 verses that have been changed from the King James Version in the seven most popular versions.
Bible Version Selection Tool
Online tool with a series of questions about translation issues, preferences, and styles which will recommend a Bible version.
Bible Versions Discussion Board
Threads for discussion of the relative merits of various versions and the meaning of passages.
English Translations of the Bible
Comments of various English translations of the Bible by Prof. Felix Just, S.J. of the University of San Francisco. Includes dates and types of translations and a chart of revisions of translations.
Innvista: Scripture Versions
Each version has a brief description and history. Sample passages are listed in order to compare different translations.
An Orthodox Critique of Bible Translations
A critique following the lineage from the Wycliffe Bible: the KJV, the RV, the RSV, the NKJV and the NRSV.
Spirit and Translations
Answers questions about various Bible translations from a conservative perspective.
Topical Bible Version Comparison Charts
The first of three pages of charts comparing verses from five versions which relate to theological concepts, such as sin, sanctification, justification, the second coming, the judgment, hell and inerrancy.
Translations of the Bible into English
A survey of common translations, their advantages and drawbacks by Disciples of Christ pastor, Ken Collins.
A View of the Versions
Al Maxey explores the strengths and weaknesses of seven widely-used English versions.
Why So Many Bible Translations?
Article by Rev. Dale A. Robbins, that explains the purpose and background of many of the different Bible translations.
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