This category is for sites that deal with the study of the text of the Bible--whether in the original manuscripts, or the copies, or early translations. It is not for sites discussing the _meaning_ of the text: only for determining _what_ the text was. Obviously, an accurate and reliable text is of great interest to all who wish to translate it, or study its meaning: hence the primary place of this field in Biblical studies. This is sometimes called "Textual Criticism" or "Lower Criticism."

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Interpreting Ancient Manuscripts Website
Introduction to Biblical text critical methods and ancient manuscripts (primarily Greek, transliterated into English). Excellent resource, originally at Brown University, now at Earlham School of Religion.
Biblica NIV Resource Center
Background about the New International Version translation; complete online NIV text.
Duke Papyrus Archive
Features online access to over 1,375 ancient Egyptian papyri at Duke University, including many early Christian texts (liturgical and Biblical texts).
Evangelical Textual Criticism
Forum to discuss Bible manuscripts and textual history.
Notes on the Septuagint
Articles on the origin, transmission, and New Testament use of the Septuagint (Ancient Greek translation of the Old Testament).
The OpenText Project
Ongoing project, resources and data for the analysis of Hellenistic Greek, especially the Greek of the New Testament. Texts are annotated with linguistic information, such as text-critical, grammatical, semantic, and discourse features.
Oxyrhynchus Papyri Online
Information, background, texts and images of Greek papyri important for the study of early Christianity and Gnosticism.
The Role of New Testament Manuscripts in Early Christian Studies
Lecture One: The Exegetical Significance of the "Original" Text by Bart D. Ehrman.
The Role of New Testament Manuscripts in Early Christian Studies
Lecture Two: The Historical Significance of the "Altered" Text by Bart D. Ehrman.
TC: A Journal of Biblical Textual Criticism
Peer-reviewed online journal. (Articles and book reviews solicited)
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