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The Acquisition of Knowledge in Biblical Wisdom Literature
Journal article by James Crenshaw from Word and World 7 (1987). [PDF]
The Bible History Old Testament by Alfred Edersheim
Originally published in 1876-1887 as a seven volume book. This electronic version is from an edition that appeared in 1890 which includes all seven volumes. Philologos Religious Online Books.
Concise Old Testament Survey
A study by J. Hampton Keathley III, in which he presents a general introduction to each of the books of the Old Testament. Biblical Studies Foundation.
Creation, History, and the Ethics of Proverbs
Journal article by Ronald W. Duty from Word and World 7 (1987). [PDF]
The Faith of Qoheleth
Journal article discussing the juxtaposition of faith and skepticism by Roland E. Murphy from Word and World 7 (1987). [PDF]
The Hebrew Scriptures: Books of the Old Testament
A brief, comparative summary of the canons of the Old Testament as accepted by Protestant Evangelicals, Roman Catholics, and Jews.
The Holy Scriptures - The Tanakh
The complete text of the Tanakh (The Jewish Bible), the Torah, Nevi'im and Ketuvim. From the Jewish Publication Society, 1917.
iTanakh - Resources for Academic Study
An index to Internet resources that might be of use in the scholarly study and teaching of the Hebrew Bible.
Old Testament Gateway
A comprehensive, annotated, academic directory on the Old Testament.
On-Line Old Testament Text Book
A text prepared by the Division of Student Ministry of the Baptist General Convention of Texas.
The Society for Old Testament Study
SOTS is a British Society for Old Testament Scholars which publishes news about Old Testament studies in Great Britain.
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