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2001 Translation: An American English Bible
Written in American English. Selected keywords have linked references.
The Apostolic Bible Polyglot
Interlinear Bible presents New Testament Greek text and Old Testament Septuagint Greek with English translation and Strong's numbers (PDF-format). Lexical concordance and English-Greek reference.
Features MP3 versions of the KJV, WEB, and other translations in different languages.
Bible Hub
Each verse is listed on one page in several English translations.
Bible in Modern English
Charles Tempelton's blending of the four gospels of the New Testament into a single modern English narrative.
Bible Sprout
Online Bible with the old and new testaments featuring hundreds of questions and answers, apologetics, and bible study tools.
Serves several international translations including Hebrew, Greek, and Latin. Parallel view, several study tools.
Online bible with several English translations, made accessible for the visually impaired.
Concordant Version
By A.E. Knoch. Assigns a fixed meaning to each original language word when translated into English. Entire New Testament and introductory articles.
Crosswire: The Bible Tool
Online Bible in many versions, commentaries, and references. Allows parallel reading and custom preferences.
Two versions online (KJV and a new translation) which use Hebrew language names for God and Messiah Jesus in both the Old and New Testaments.
Gospel Hall Church: Online Bible
Search and view the Bible in two parallel versions. Easton dictionary and Jamieson-Fausset-Brown commentary.
The Hypertext Bible
Crosslinked KJV, Vulgate (Latin), transliterated Greek New Testament, and Tanakh (Hebrew Bible) both with and without vowels. Includes Apocrypha.
I Search Bible
Online word search and randomly presented Bible chapters.
Literal Word
The New American Standard Bible (NASB) online. Features customizable text formatting. Phrase searches can be filtered by sections of the Bible.
Mechon Mamre
Online resources for learning Torah. The Hebrew Bible (Tanach) and The RaMBaM's Complete Restatement of the Oral Law (Mishneh Torah) in parallel Hebrew and English.
Modern Literal Version
A literal modern English revision of the ASV.
The NET Bible
Online version with linked footnotes and information about the translation.
New Living Translation
Official NLT website. Features passage lookups and word search.
New Testament in Modern English
By J. B. Phillips. The translator felt that the language in the Authorized Version was archaic and that language which is intelligible to modern children should be used.
The New Testament: An Understandable Version
By William E. Paul. Created with reference to the Greek text, but not a strict translation. Includes amplifications to the text in brackets to assist the reader in understanding the context and meaning.
New World Translation of the Holy Scriptures
Translation produced by the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society (Jehovah's Witnesses).
The NIV Online
The official NIV website from Biblica. Features word search, passage lookups, and audio.
Open English Bible
Creative Commons licenced modern English translation of the Bible
Oremus Bible Browser
New Revised Standard Version (American and Anglicized versions), and several versions of the Psalms.
Orthodox Jewish Brit Chadasha
An Orthodox version containing Rabbinic Hebrew terms. Each page is a separate file (PDF).
Parallel Greek New Testament
American Standard Version, Bible in Basic English, Douay-Rheims Bible, King James Version, Noah Webster Bible, The Darby Translation, Weymouth New Testament, World English Bible, Young's Literal Translation. Including 4 Greek font texts.
Offering portions of the Contemporary English Version as podcasts.
The Recovery Version New Testament Online
Translated and revised by the Editorial Section of Living Stream Ministry. Includes an outline for each book, and cross references.
Revised Young's Literal Translation
A work in progress which is a Modern English update of Young's Literal Translation of the Holy Bible published in 1898. Help solicited to proofread the text of this update.
Sacred Bible: Latin-English Translation
Old and New Testament with both Latin and English translations.
Sacred Name King James Version
Old Testament names for God are transliterated and presented in capital letters.
Seek God's Word
Six, searchable online Bibles and scriptural articles and sermons. Includes RSV, NASB, NIV, ASV, KJV, and NKJV.
Still Voices from the Word of God
Translated by Dr. Walter L. Porter. Displays single or multiple chapters at a time.
Talking Bibles: English Bible
Non-profit bible organization producing audio recordings of translated scripture, accessible online.
UPDV Updated Bible Version
A revision based on the American Standard Version of 1901. Online and downloadable in several formats (HTML, PDF, MP3).
A Voice in the Wilderness (VW)
A modified version of the KJV, NKJV, and LITV. Translated for laymen.
William Barclay's Gospel of Luke
Barclay's own translation excerpted from his "Daily Study Bible" series.
World Wide Study Bible
Offers several online Bible versions by book and chapter along with related study resources. Includes the Apocrypha.
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