Zen is a branch or lineage of Buddhism which focuses on meditation to realize the true nature of the self and reality. This method is different from other lineages which also consider chanting, praying, or virtuous deeds necessary to attain realization. While the word zen is Japanese, the practice of zen itself has strong roots all South-Eastern Asia, though it is called different things. In China, it is known as Chan. In Tibet, Dzogchen. Zen centers are just a place that people gather to practice meditation together, usually silently.

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Austin Zen Center
Soto Zen center following the style of Shunryu Suzuki Roshi, founder of the San Francisco Zen Center. Offers several sittings each week, and occasional retreats.
Austin: Plum Blossom Sangha
Follows the teachings of Vietnamese Zen master Thich Nhat Hahn and the Order of Interbeing. Offers weekly services.
Austin: Plum Blossom Sangha Email Discussion Group
Email discussion group for the Plum Blossom Sangha, which follows the Thich Nhat Hanh lineage.
Austin: Ordinary Mind Zen
A temporary blogspot with a meditation schedule and news for a group that's still working on their official website.
Dallas: Maria Kannon Zen Center
Offers practice in the lay Zen tradition of the Sanbo Kyodan Religious Foundation, founded by Yasutani Hakuun Roshi. Offers frequent zazen practice, zazenkais, and periodic sesshins.
Houston Zen Center
A place in Houston to practice meditation in the Zen tradition.
Houston: Chung-Tai Zen Center
Practices in the Chinese Ch'an tradition. Grand Master Weichueh founded Chung Tai Chan Monastery and Chung Tai Buddhist Institute for the monastic training of sangha members.
San Antonio Zen
In October 2003 San Antonio Zen arose out of a wish to share with San Antonians the Dharma and sitting practice in the Soto tradition of Shunryu Suzuki, with the guidance and example of the teacher and students of the Austin Zen Center.
Sugarland: Universal Door Meditation Center
A place to find peace, harmony and healing. Thich Dieu Thien's goal is to help all beings return to their Unborn Mind, which is the clearest, centered "true self".
Zen Centers in Texas
Advertised as a complete list of Zen centers in Texas maintained by the International Research Institute for Zen Buddhism.
Article: A temple rises in Texas
An article from December 2004 regarding a new temple being built in Texas. The Buddhist Channel (BC) is a global news platform that provides non-sectarian news and features on Buddhism. The Buddhist Channel covers all major traditions of Buddhism such as Theravada, Mahayana, Vajrayana and Zen. (December 04, 2004)
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