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Baha'i Alchemy
Work in different areas relevant to the Baha'i Faiths' philosophy.
Baha'i Faith
Popular online resource in several languages, maintained by an individual Baha'i.
Baha'i Thought
Phillipe Copeland's blog focussing on the application of Baha'i Teachings to contemporary social issues.
The Covenant Library
Presents the four volumes of Adib Taherzadeh's 'The Revelation of Baha'u'llah' hyperlinked to referenced works of Baha'u'llah.
A Covenant Unique in the Spiritual Annals of Mankind
One of Brent Poiriers' blogs (for the others see the Table of Contents at the site). This one provides well sourced basic information on the Covenant of God, an essential tenet of the Baha'i Faith.
Doberman Pizza
The personal weblog of a Canadian Baha'i believer, full of spiritual contemplations, news, events and links.
Dr. Stephen N. Lambden's site
Extensive material in translation covering all aspects related to the rise and spread of the Baha'i movement.
Hinduism and the Baha'i Faith
Prof. Anil Sarwal compares teachings of Hinduism to Baha'i teachings and discusses their practical application. Downloadable book Miracles in Religion and some poems included.
Jinab-i-Fadil Mazindarani (Fadil Mazandarani)
Mirza Asadullah Fadil Mazindarani (also known as Fazel Mazandarani or other similar transliterations) was a notable Persian Baha'i historian. In the early 1920s, Jinab-i-Fadil gave some historic talks addressing racial and gender equality, world affairs, religious extremism and other vital matters.
Living Waters
Young Baha'i shares her conversion story and related poetry.
Online book - Near-Death-Experience & the Baha'i Faith
Cyber edition of "Light After Death". Explores the Baha'i teachings on the afterlife as they may relate to the 'Near Death Experience'.
Udo Schaefer - Studies in Baha'i Theology
Includes extensive reference to study resources including books, manuscripts, and talks in different languages on comparative religious issues.
Windows to the Past Home Page
Audio and pdf transcripts of talks delivered by Dr. Darius Shahrokh, used by twenty five National Spiritual Assemblies in their teaching and deepening programs.
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