International socialist organisations that have affiliates in several countries.
Committee for a Workers' International - CWI
International democratic Marxist tendency operating in over 35 countries worldwide. Founded by the former Militant Tendency in Britain (now the Socialist Party) in 1974.
International Bolshevik Tendency
The IBT's journal is 1917, providing a bolshevik analysis of current and historical events of interest to the worker's movement. The IBT split from the Spartacist League/International Communist League in the late 1970s/early 1980s.
International Communist League
Publishers of Workers' Vanguard and The Spartacist, the ICL is organised as the Spartacist League in several countries and the Trotskyist League/Lige Trotskyiste in Canada and France. The original group split from the (US) Socialist Workers Party in the 1960s in opposition to the SWP's decision to rejoin the Fourth International and form the United Secretariat.
International Communist Union
The ICU is the international tendency led by the French Marxist group Union Communiste which is better known by the name of its publication Lutte Ouvriere. LO has been around since the 1930s but split with Trotsky by opposing the creation of the Fourth International.
International Socialist Tendency Documents
Internal documents from the conflict between the Socialist Workers Party and the International Socialist Organization as well as from various internal conflicts within the SWP and other IS tendency groups.
The Socialist International
Worldwide organization of major social democratic and labour parties. Background, membership, resolutions, meeting reports, regular newsletter.
The World Socialist Movement
Comprehensive site offers analysis of historical, encomomic and current political events. WSM's idea of socialism accepts Marxism but rejects Leninism, Trotskysim and reformism. WSM has "companion parties" in several countries.
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