This section is for those sites which fit into Philosophy: Personal Pages for which a major focus is one or more philosophy books written and offered by the site owner, or a major online philosophy work.
Arthur Telling's Philosophy Page
Explores the nature and purpose of our existence in a friendly, easy-to-read format. The story is fiction, the lessons are profound.
Bernardo Kastrup's Metaphysical Speculations
A rational, critical, but open-minded blog by the author of the upcoming book "Rationalist Spirituality: An exploration of the meaning of life and existence informed by logic and science".
Ionean: The Philosophy Of Being
Insights in prose and verse on the dualism of existence by Joseph Carbone.
The Mosaic of Wisdom
Reflections on the secret of entire existence: microcosmos, macrocosmos, microworlds, macroworlds.
Pavel Kastl
Author of inspirational ebooks on spiritual knowledge, deep philosophy of live and religions.
Ragged Trousered Philosopher
Online book and articles covering life, the universe, society, politics, and transhumanism.
Raymond Tallis Official Website
Raymond Tallis is a philosopher, poet, novelist and cultural critic and was until recently a physician, gerontologist and clinical scientist, a leading figure in British medicine as well as one of the most respected contemporary British intellectuals.
Realistic Idealism
Based on the concept that philosophical ideas and morality can be based on scientific evidence.
The Roots of Sound Rational Thinking
Online book concerned with fortifying the foundations liberty and peaceful progress through sound logical discourse, reasoning, and common sense.
Universe Grand Design
An explanation of the participative nature of the universe, theory of consciousness, 21th century science trends, and "science and the soul" issues in education.
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