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Camphill Communities of Ireland
Communities creating a comprehensive, therapeutic and supportive environment where people with special needs can live and make their home together with volunteers and voluntary helpers and reach their full potential.
DRH Movement
Danish organization training development instructors for Humana People-to-People development projects. Includes articles by volunteers in a variety of situations.
Offers volunteer opportunities, internships, and workcamps focused on the protection of the environment in Europe.
EIL - Cultural and Educational Travel
Aims to bring people from different cultures together to improve international understanding. Places individuals into community and volunteer programmes, usually in homestays, where they share the lives of national inhabitants of the visited country.
The European Volunteer Centre (CEV)
European umbrella association of twenty-nine national and regional volunteer centres across Europe. Includes an overview of volunteer opportunities in Europe.
Internationella Arbetslag (IAL)
Swedish branch of Service Civil International (SCI) working for an ecological and multicultural society characterized by solidarity, non-violence and understanding between people. Information on workcamp and exchange programs. (in English and Swedish)
Jesuit European Volunteers
Information about a programme for men and women willing to offer a year's service, living in community, directly with the poor and marginalized. Includes links to national programmes.
Online volunteering opportunities. Local communities in developing countries get a village. Visitors are invited to become virtual neighbors of these villages and to help solve the problems of the local communities.
SNV Netherlands Development Organisation
Supports organisations in the South committed to fighting poverty and improving local governance. SNV provides technical and organisational expertise, and support in change processes.
Sunseed Trust / Sunseed Desert Technology
Develops ways of reclaiming semi-arid land and helping the lives of people living on such land, through research and experimentation, an ecological lifestyle and education.
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