Web rings geared to women being online.
Blog Girls
A ring for girls addicted to blogging.
Canadian Gals on the Net
A place for talented Canadian Ladies to share their websites, their interests and their friendship.
GeekGirls Ring
For sites with content, frequent updates, browser friendly and made by women.
GeekGoddess Ring
An elite webring for women on the leading edge of the feminisation of cyberspace. Membership is now by invitation only.
Heroines Unlimited
A webring designed to promote sites that focus on female characters from different mediums.
Housewife Mafia
Taking over the world, one chore at a time.
Net Sisters who Blog
For the Net Sisters who blog their life away. All members of this ring must be a member of the Net Sisters Organization.
Queen Bee Webring
For women with personal or business web pages that consider themselves Queens of their homes, families, or businesses.
Ring of Jewels
Choose the stone that you feel describes you best or that you feel a connection with, or even that you just like. Upload the graphic to your own server and place it in the fragment.
The Southern Women Webring
Bringing together Southern Women to share their unique culture and way of life.
The WebGoddess Ring
An elite webring for girls that know how to handle HTML. Membership is now by invitation only.
Weblogging Women
Ring for women with weblogs, blogs, online journals or diaries.
WebRing: Creative Women on the Web
Featuring women artists, writers, and musicians.
Wise Women Web
A network for women to share their experiences.
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