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Eclectic ramblings from a random, caffeine-addicted techie.
O Mundo de Claudia
Writing about photography, art, language, and Portugal.
A writer and web developer from Brooklyn, New York blogs about life.
Lyrics, reviews, and thoughts.
Obsessive Consumption
Created by Kate Bingaman to showcase her love/hate relationship with money, shopping, branding, credit cards, celebrity, advertising, and marketing.
A weblog and diary with photos and audio clips. By Steve Hall of West Sussex.
Commentary on life, weblogging tools, and the MacOS with pointers to other sites of interest.
Thoughts and snippets from the world of a gay man living in Dublin.
Of Cats
Information about cats that discusses everything feline.
Lives in Illinois, USA, and works as a photojournalist. His life in words and photographs.
An Offering of Myself to the World
Woman in Montana writes about her work in a bank, school, and entertainment.
Mike Rheinheimer shares stories and photographs.
Olansa Cuttings
David Harrison's writings about printmaking. Includes sample artwork, photography, and links.
One man's view of the world, technology, and the Washington Redskins.
The Omega Course
About art, theology, music, photography and Jesus the magician.
On An Overgrown Path
Personal journey ranging across the link between Stradivarius violins and computers, the music of William Byrd, the poetry of Leonard Cohen, monastic life, and other topics.
On the Web
Oliver Tseng's thoughts on faith, technology, health, politics, economics, and life.
Once Again With Feeling
The views of Denis Bernicky on breast cancer, teaching and being a family.
One Digital Life
Paul Burd, a multimedia designer discusses Mac news, movie reviews, social commentary, and anything else he sees fit to post.
One Life
Abhranil Das is a blogger from India. Life, philosophy, writing, dreams and beliefs.
One Woman's Eye
Chronicling one woman's observations on life after Corporate America, on reinvention and transformation. [RSS]
Almost postmodern. Probably.
Ontario Empoblog
Self-proclaimed emperor of Ontario, California discusses music, politics, entertainment, and Barstow.
Writing about computing and the Internet with links and downloads.
Everything and anything, pop or not.
The Orlop
Commentary by Dave Ayers on his heroes, philosophy, Bible, angling, memories, technology, and just about anything else. [RSS]
Other Than Linguistics
Sharing links mostly culled from whatever was glanced at today.
Out of the Frying Pan and Into the Cube
Writing about being the entire IT department in a smallish office building.
Out of the Shadows
Canadian discussing all kinds of topics.
Outdated by Design
Cooking and food. Recipes, dieting and the kitchen.
Outrage is a good thing. It means you still care.
Overworld Magazine
Features a journal of a sophisticated counter-culture.
Owl Spotting
Writings and thoughts of two journalists as they observe the world.
The Oxymoron Blog
Personal weblog in English with some German posts.
An Oxymoron Is Not An Idiot With Zits
Thoughts of a Jewish princess who runs with scissors and eats paste.

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