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...love Maegan
LA blogger Maegan Tintari posts about style secrets, hair tutorials, DIY fashion, home decorating ideas, thoughts on marriage, babies and infertility.
Sara Morrison of Los Angeles. "Your typical little girl in a big city story."
La Bloggie de La Dana
Life of Dana Chow, all the way from Petaling Jaya, Malaysia.
La Coquette
Tales from a woman in Paris.
Lactard Enzymatic Flushings
Commentary on world and local events, thoughts, ideas, and dreams.
Lady Crumpet's Armoire
Future librarian shares thoughts and links on literature, librariana, and the law.
Lafe at Lafes.Net
Lafe talks about life, science, miscellaneous events, and homebrewing beer.
Laid-Off Dad
Pictures and stories about parenthood.
Lair of the Rockhag
Regular rants and raves.
The Land of Anne
Librarian, knitter, and punk band guitarist/singer shares material of interest and results of various personal surveys.
Discusses cultural topics, often language-related and usually not taken from current events (it is not a news site) or daily life (nor is it a personal journal).
Larocque and Roll
It's all fun and games until someone bruises an ego.
Larry's Log
Commentary on television, American politics and current events.
Lawrence "The Dreamer" Chen's Blog
Engineer's weblog on the technology, gadgets, and stuff in his life.
Weblog of a London computer commuter.
Webgeek in Oakland, California shares stories about geek stuff and living with Asperger's, forums, fun facts, games, and other diversions.
Learn English
Writing about family and tools for learning English.
Leatherette Beanbag
The rantings and theories of Eddie Waring, a British ex-patriot living in the USA.
Lee Iwan - Bits and Pieces of Accumulated Knowledge
Ideas, comments and general stuff about life, the universe, and everything
Personal weblog of Leland Fiegel. Contains information about his websites, technology, news and contact information.
The personal diary of Leonieke Aalders, with images and links.
Let's Have It
English thirty-something living near Paris, France shares an eclectic mix of technology, news comment, and personal notes.
Letter Never Sent
Healthy punk ethic, articles, comics, and drawings by Chris and Karen in Austin, Texas.
Letters to Marc Jacobs
Chronicling the failures of her efforts to create a perfect life.
Writing about news and society.
Features posts that gossip about books.
Life as a Physicis
Gordon Watts opinions and personal opinions about science.
Life Begins at Thirty
Pictures and experiences of a woman in California. Focused on food, photography, and a little bit of activism.
Life For Rent
Personal blog with photos and comments on news and life.
Life in a Fruit Basket
A lifestyle blog that covers fashion, beauty, music, celebrities, food and travel.
Life in a Jar
Hippie-punk mama in a redneck world talks about music, legalization, and raising six homeschooled kids to be free-thinking people
Life of Robert
Running commentary on events of the world, email forwards, life in general, and anything else fit to print or say something about. Most topics stick to politics and religion, usually Christianity, and current events.
Life Outtacontext
Ruminations from a Washington DC artist, web designer, and well-bred iconoclast.
Life...as it Relates to Technology
Scott Driza's personal weblog includes posts about software, his dogs, and his family.
Lifechanges ... Delayed
The attempt to chronicle the life of an editor who needs to write more for himself and hopefully thereby find new directions in life.
Light and Darkness
Vagabond describes her world.
Photographs of New York City and elsewhere.
Lightningrose's Journal
Personal and political commentary from an itinerant social worker.
Lightspeed Chronicles
Sharing her news and gaming experiences.
Like Being Alone
Thoughts of Toby Tsui from Hong Kong.
Lilliah's LiveJournal
Random blitherings.
Limitless Units
Reviews and opinions on a variety of media, including film, video games, art, music, and the Internet. Includes downloads.
Lincoln Blog
Christopher Lincoln shares pictures and assorted writings.
A New York girl commenting on everything.
United Kingdom-based weblog covering technology, politics, comics and anything which intrigues.
The Lionheart's Den
Personal blog by Richard James featuring his poems, reviews, photography, opinions and comments on everyday events.
Listen To Musak
A collection of ramblings from the United Kingdom.
Little Fury
Thoughts of an improviser, teacher, technologist, instructional designer, and writer living in Durham, North Carolina.
Little Mister Square Eyes
Random thoughts about television and living in Tasmania. [Atom]
Raffaello Tesi provides something to read and forget right away.
Lizard Master
Discussing politics, PETA, and strage things. [RSS]
Lizard Master
Discussion of world events, funnies, and travels.
All about her projects, pet, and life.
Thoughts of an internet geek and world traveler.
Loblogomy: A Blog by Aaron Logan
Brain matter oozes from Aaron's head in the form of writings and photography.
Log: David Chess
Musings on philosophy, culture, technology, the emergence of life from matter, chocolate, Nomic, and all that sort of thing.
News, media and culture, Macs, politics, original articles and rants, and whatever tickles Chuck Taggart's fancy.
Assorted links and commentary from Kieran Lamb.
Lost in Oxfordshire
Journey of self-discovery and extreme boredom.
Love of Life by Kyra and Chris
A couple’s journal about their wedding, marriage, pregnancy, and parenthood. Other topics include career, humor/jokes, and ballroom dance.
Low Foot Clearance
Thoughts of a mom with a taste for the trivial.
Lux Lotus
Commenting on art, politics, and style, broadly defined.

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