This category includes listings for blogs of a personal nature, whose titles ironically enough begin with the letter H. All personal bloggers with sites that conform to the weblog format (Blogger, Xanga, Vox, WordPress, MovableType, etc.) are welcome to suggest a URL.
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Haitenshon Eroguro Japaniizu
Rants, raves and ramblings about getting through college, jrock, anime, manga and the need for money.
Half Mad Rantings of a Young North Dakotan
Blogging about anything and everything that captures my interest.
Half Man Half Shark
Hoang Scott Nguyen keeps a journal of his everyday life transition to adulthood.
Hall, Justin Allyn
Freelance journalist and programmer writes about his background, work, travels, family, friends and leisure time.
Hammers of Flight
Offers thoughts, videos and poetry with a basis in existentialism.
Hands In The Dirt
Notes and letters from an Episcopalian gardener in the townlet, a small wooded corner of Indianapolis, Indiana.
Hans Kellner Dot Com
Containing photographs, stories, bicycle racing, and other tidbits of information.
HanWorks Research
Aims to offer thought-provoking perspectives and bring the latest on technology, politics and social issues.
The HarBlog
One man's view on people, places, and things.
Hardeep Singh
Postings related to computers, security in cyberworld, photography and imaging, finance and mathematics.
The Harrison Report
Mock-news website with original headlines and links to amusing articles.
Harward, David
Eclectic thoughts on many areas of life.
Chopped and blogged in nice little chewable bites.
Have Browser, Will Travel
Jim Roepcke's trek through the 'net.
Have Internet Will Travel
Veteran web designer Kelly Hale and developer Mike Schimanowsky have traded in the daily 9-5 for a life of nomadic freelancing and travel.
Have Laptop Will Travel
Discussing web design, laptops, travel, hacking, music, photos, and tech news.
Andy Hawks is a Progressive and Electro House DJ, Music Producer and Writer.
Head in Knots
Travel, politics, general observation and life updates for Annie F.
A Healthy Alternative to Work
His take on what's going on in the world with some additional material about life in the army, a few drunk stories, and of course, some biting sarcasm.
Heart Crossings
A single mother writes about love, relationships and Information Technology news of interest.
Spirituality, progressive politics, civility, and occasional bursts of goofiness.
Heavens To Betsie
A Scot's thoughts on everything worth wasting a thought on.
Heavy Heavy Water
A repository for ideas, musings, and notions, sometimes illustrated, often impractical, almost always original, and occasionally serious.
Heck Of A Guy
A pastiche of posts, featuring song, dance, snappy chatter plus notes on prose, poesy, love, lust, life, and beyond.
News of the humorous and unusual from around the web.
Contributing to academic bloat everywhere.
Tales of two English girls.
Hem Rai
Blogging about personal interests, jokes and java programming.
Here Kitty Kitty
Talks about life and posts her artwork and graphics.
Hero Nero Zero
A daily highlight of people and organizations of interest, sorted by their award class as given by the weblog owner.
Hervé Marcy's blog
A personal focus on computer science topics such as Linux, Free Software and OpenSolaris and politics and society articles about the European Union, Germany, etc.
Hey, You
Married Texas guy with a kid and a job writes about family and other personal interests.
Hi-Brow + Low-Brow = Uni-Brow
Political and social commentary from Los Angeles based Jeff Eyres.
Hic Sunt Leones
Posts by a Swiss journalist based in Milan, Italy.
Hidden City
Miami-based weblog, including personal information and musings, photography, and fiction.
The Hiding Rock
Dealing with personal, global, political, entertainment, and graduate school issues.
HidupTreda's Blog
Time to know what HidupTreda knows.
High Existence
Offers material for thought and for discussion. Includes videos.
The Hindsight Factor
Online journal of political op-ed's and editorial cartoons maintained by an expatriot American.
Hindu Expressions
Assorted entries on Indian spirituality, Vedic culture, classical music, and astrology.
Hippocleides Doesn't Care
Thomas Roger Bissell III, AKA skillet shares his journal, musings, poetry, and photo albums.
His Nibs
{Nibs} - One who acts in a self-important manner - used mockingly as a jocose term, as if a title of honor, but not usually in the presence of the person to whom referred.
Hitched to Everything
The thoughts of one Robert Stribley, who plans to contribute his dispatches with characteristic infrequency.
Writing from a mother's point of view regarding everyday issues, book reviews and recipes.
Focuses on the personal stories of people who perform and dance using various types of hoops.
This weblog is written by a left-winger who earns a living as a corporate middle manager in New York.
Hot Water Bath
Life, family, politics, media and, oh yeah, canning.
House of MIke
Writing about hockey, geocaching, and humor.
How Do You Spell That?
Random flashes on the life and times of Brian Wohlgemuth.
How Society Works
Thoughts on the social change, social problems, and contemporary social life in general.
How Was Your Day, Dan?
Advice and television reviews from a former cast member from MTV's The Real World.
The Howdy Kid Online
The life of a university student including work, school, family, and friends.
Hrag Vartanian
Blogging about art, culture, writing and ideas.
Hyperactive Librarian
The rants and howls of an ADHD boy who grew up to become a librarian.
Hyseni, Hajrë, MBA
Hajrë Hyseni writes about: project management, technology, Internet marketing, social networking, Kosovo, Europe and other personal interests.
Miquel Hudin
Author and wine journalist.

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