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Blog of Hilary Gushwa
Blog listing the events and appearances of Hilary Gushwa, Miss CA Intl 2009.
Chetan Gole
Exploring technology and different aspects of it.
G as in Good H as in Happy
Personal writings from a Texas woman lawyer.
Life and times of Gary Brewer as he travels the world and does things.
Gabe Anderson Dot Com
Techie tips on computers. Gabe believes that there’s always something new to discover or learn or write about.
Gareth Western
Random news, links, rants, raves and miscellanea.
Garfieldt's Blog
Writings about the best sites he finds on the web, his life, and politics.
Garry Huang's Web Portal
Sections on the Mac, finance, life, and business.
Garry's Blog
Sharing interesting facts and links. Special focus is on knowledge management and graphic design.
Gary Said
Gary J LaPointe talks about life, technology, blogging, movies, music, books, and the inability to get fast food served the way he orders it.
Gautam Ghosh on Management
Gautam's thoughts on organizations, work, people, strategy, learning, knowledge, innovation and high performance. focused on India, but spanning the globe.
Gauteng Blog
Views of a resident of Gauteng Province, South Africa.
Vivek Kapoor's personal weblog, and his thoughts about everything.
A Geek in Beantown
Life in Boston with her hubby, cats and a puppy.
The Geekbox
On a soapbox of nerddom.
Geese Aplenty
Containing any number of frequently updated tracts, tirades, and textceteras.
Straight forward girl talk.
Genevieve's Place
Weblog filled with thoughts, ideas, pictures and other information
Gentle Kryptonite
Personal web journal of an old soul in search of direction and meaning.
Geoff Holden
Discussing life and recent projects.
Get Amazed
Blog dedicated to electronics and current trends in technology.
Get It All Down
Illinois library cataloger Amy writes as fast as she can.
Get Off the Bed Gizmo
Jason and Barbi weblog about personal interests.
Getting There in 5 Easy Steps Per Day
Journal of Philadelphia librarian, Stacy.
Ghost in the Machine
Conjuring political, cinematic, and cultural arcana.
Giddy Girlie
Information on her crafty projects, thoughts, and links.
Pointless posts and information on his sketch comedy, Young Pups.
A Girl and Her Life
A girl, two kids, a husband, some pets, some rantings, and her life.
The Girl In The Cafe
Tales of Dutch girl chasing her dreams. Writings about life, the universe, and everything. She'd rather be happy than right.
Girl With The Curls
Observations of a spoiled brat.
A Girl, a Browser, and a Lot of Spare Time
Blurbs from the web from a girl in Seattle.
GirlHacker's Random Log
A place to stick those random thoughts that pop into her head.
Daily updates on cute, geeky, and useful things found on the Internet.
Girls are Pretty
Telling readers what to do every single day.
Give Life a Little Swirl
Life of an executive businesswoman in Southern California.
Glenn's Log
Often daily musings on wireless networking, the Mac, and blogging life in general.
Glimpse of Sonshine
Recipes, humor and more from a homemaker woman
Glog by Jon Berg
Weblog from Norwegian computer guy Jon Berg. Readable and straight to the points.
Go Cool
Thoughts of a university student: his ideas, pictures and other information.
The art and science of herding goats.
Matt Godbolt covers his personal life, comedy web links, C/C++ development, and the odd rant.
Goddess Dixiblog
Standard stuff plus web development news, nerdy news, weblog news, and webcam.
Reading, writing and whatever else Jen McIntosh wants.
Godless Liberal Homo
Rants and items of interest.
Goldman's Observations
Perspectives on law schools, lawyers, and life as a law professor at Marquette University Law School in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.
Humor columns and logs of a writer in Portland, Oregon.
Good Reputation Sleeping
The evolution of visual journalism in webbed world.
Good To Feel Good
Law of Attraction Tips, Secrets and Tricks. Manifest Your Desires.
The thoughts and projects of a programmer/ musician/ gamer living in San Diego.
Gordano Bruno
Sharing theoretical biology, photography, and world news.
The Gospel According To Rhys
Welshman from Colwyn Bay writes about his personal life, sports, and technology.
Got Marko?
Web, woodworking, and whatever.
Graag's lair
Physics, Linux and other stuff.
Grace for Gayle
Personal blog of Gayle. Writings by a woman trying to balance her life
Newlywed grad student living in Alabama tries to make her way through her thesis and knits all the way.
Random rants, reviews, and stuff found on the web.
The Great Escape
Adventures of two expat bikers on the Costa Brava, Spain.
The Green Ribbon
News, opinion, and analysis from London Irish journalist Tom Griffin
GreenEgg Page
Collection of YouTube links, plan strange and quirky items spotted around the Internet.
Greg's Soapbox/Therapy Couch
Greg Evans shares the many things either irritate or amuse him.
Gretchin Lair: Alive & Kicking
Gretchin discovers the joys of blogging, and, depsite the overwhelming odds, continues to maintain a personal weblog.
Grim Amusements
Daily dose of corrosive cynicism.
Grin and Barrett
Witty humor, cynical remarks, and deep philosophical discussion.
Links to offbeat, unusual, bizarre, and funny sites on the net.
The Groove
Story of a (fairly new) dad, living (sort of) abroad (it's only England), trying desperately to learn to play the banjo.
The ramblings of a 25-year-old geek who lives in Cambridge, Massachusetts.
Hanan Levin's link collection covers a multitude of interests including music, books, beer, movies, Americana, travel, and Yiddish.
Grrl Still Kickin'
On a weird quest to be sort of famous - like an indie movie star that only the hip people like to chat about over lattes.
The Grub Report
Life of a cookbook photographer in California.
Ongoing chronicle of a college student going through dorm life and dumb professors, looking to escape someday.
Commentaries and sometimes humorous observations, on subjects including fashion, politics, current events, aging, women, and Caribbean culture.
Music downloads of popular Indian singers.
The GunBlad3
Life of a Christian living in Singapore.
The Gurgling Cod
Discussing food and current events.
Gus Mueller
Writes about computers, work, and life.
Guy's Super-Duper Weblog
An Oxford student's search for links, truth and visitors.
Gee's online journal of fashion, love and poetry.
Sunil Garg
Sunil's writings on technology, society, and everything in between.
Surviving God’s Woodshed
Personal weblog of Larry Vaughn. Features personal testimony and stories.
Thoughts of G
A blog that holds thoughts, ideas, and opinions about the world around us from different viewpoints.

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