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April Boyer - Faith and Unfinished Business
Christian author offers thoughts on life.
Fables of the Reconstruction
Links and writings from a Philadelphia guy with a law degree who likes to beat people and talk about politics.
Fairly Symmetrical
Comprised of commentary on technology, culture, politics, and philosophy, with occasional personal entries.
False Positives
Ian Irving's adventures in technology, science fiction, and technology in Toronto.
University of Chicago writer Lenka Reznicek's personal account of life in the Windy City.
The Farmers Wife
Images from the land of corn and soybeans.
Weird and funny news, some political and technological comments, articles, and links to wacky stuff.
Personal site of Joe Clark, accessibility manager and blogging analyst, including photos from around town.
Fear and Self-loathing in Hollywood
The struggles, adventures, headaches, defeats and successes of Carl Anderson, a British guy living in the hell that is Hollywood.
Fear Not: On Company Time
Thoughts and musings of Kenna Fearing.
Fear The Penguin
Discussing numerous things including sports and entertainment.
Writing about his life and amusements.
Feeling Listless
Cultural reviews from the clueless - presenting overlooked stories and ideas.
Feet First
Medicine, movies and Los Angeles - not necessarily in that order.
Fiat Blog!
Gay writer/artist and deconstructor of gestalts.
Fictitious Croissants
A Malaysian's writings on language learning experience.
The Fiddling Librarian 2.0
Librarian, violist and dad discusses technology, music and life.
The Fire Ant Gazette
Random observations from the flatlands of West Texas, including topics of website design, politics, news commentary, Christianity, and movie and book reviews.
Homepage of Andrew Fischler Jr. A collection of ramblings, pictures, sounds, links, and anything else he feels like posting.
Interesting news and videos.
A Flash In The Pam
A grandmother offers recipes and observations about life and activities.
Flotsky - Just Another Geek
Tales of a geek from Oxford, United Kingdom.
Fluffy Stuff
Reviewing gadgets and movies, sharing fashion finds, and discussing everyday whims.
Covering thoughts and news.
Flying Tethered
Author Skye Thomas posts news articles, cartoons, jokes, announcements, press releases, personal opinions, and other information of interest.
Articles on poetry, informatics, and global security issues.
Fonts, Johnny
A writer and band member writes about his life.
The Fool Has Landed
Isman H. Suryaman's weblog of itches about the comedy called life.
Quirky thoughts by humor writer Joe Lavin.
For Real Things I Know
Fine-art digital photography, liberal hard left-leaning politics, and personal mindspace in Ann Arbor.
Foreign Dispatches
Frequent commentary on international affairs.
Fox Vox
Kristen Fox's weblog, photography, Celtic mandalas, and other art.
Fractals of Change
Tom Evslin weblog about new technologies, especially in Web 2.0, VoIP, and transportation.
Frail Gestures
Young DC journalist muses on media, current events, life, literature, and politics.
Frances Berriman
Frances Berriman, a British designer in San Francisco.
Frantic, Crowded, South
Oliver Wood writes about news and life.
Freak Machine Press
Chad Parenteau shares his poetry, articles, commentary, graphics, soundbites, and sarcastic haiku.
Fred's Reality Distortion Field
Teenager's random thoughts on computers, cars, politics, religion, and other topics.
Canadian thoughts on tech, internet stuff, business, sports, and politics.
Articles include some for freelance writers, as well as about technology and social media.
Freeman Hunt
Photography and commentary from a libertarian and former atheist.
FreeStone Links
Repository for links to weblogs, weblogs directories, and journals. Short reviews of each link.
Freeway Blogger
Someone is blogging the freeways of Southern California. When you put a sign on the freeway people will read it until someone takes it down.
Freezing to Death in the Nuclear Bunker
Jody's musings on popular music, film, style, philosophy, and life in New York City.
Fresh Blog
Scouring the web for minty deliciousness that will leave the reader feeling relaxed and invigorated.
Fresh Chaos
With so much chaos, how can there not be Fresh Chaos.com
Straight to the point and often less than diplomatic or politically correct. Entries are a mixture of technical, personal, political, and (in a rare case) even funny things that cross the author's mind.
Friend Mouse Speaks
A recap blog for folks too busy to watch genre TV with occasional forays into movies, books, food, life in general.
Frogs and Ravens
Some days we are ravens; other days, frogs.
From the Brain of Dr. Bob
Self-described geek shares personal observations on religion, computers, news headlines and various related interests.
From the Journal of Larry D. Kump
Selections from the Kumpster.
From the Old
Commenting on noticeable facts and events in the world and in South Africa.
Postings by author and poet Gayle Brandeis.
Life, entertainment, and geekery from Portland, Oregon's Cat Connor.
Funny Farm
Life on ten acres of green with a husband, horses, sheep, cats, kids, and a Border Collie.
Funtongue Scatterplot
Diffuse, scattered, marginal, that's funtongue.
Thoughts and pictures from a mother in San Francisco.
Personal, political, arts, film, photography, and cultural weblog of a graphics professional and photographer in San Jose, California.
Future Feeder
Writing about technology, design, and architecture.
Futurist Now
Dedicated to the gadgets, technology, and day to day life of Sparky.
The Fuzzy Squid
Daily pictures from life. With whining.

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