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D. Keith Robinson
Art, new media, design, user interface, graphic design, music, personal, Web, information architecture, and motion design.
Writing about web design, politics, and other topics.
A Daily Dose of Zen Sarcasm
Soapboxing from a domestic deity-in-training.
Daily Preciousness
Journal of a gay male librarian in northern Virginia.
DailySkew Blog
Reviews and commentary on entertainment, politics, and news.
Dan Lipka
Thoughts of a revolutionary philosopher.
Dan Sherman
Sharing his entrepreneurial successes and failures and all the unique and hopefully, remarkable, events along the way.
Dan Smith
A jet-set bachelor chronicles his travels, adventures, and love.
Dana Blankenhorn
Politics and technology, and their intersection on the internet.
Dancing on Colette's Grave
One woman's journey through life, love and beyond.
Dangerous Meta
Daily links in reference to art and applied digital technology.
Daniella's Misadventures
The life and pictures of a New Orleans woman in New York.
Danny Yee's Pathologically Polymathic
Covering politics, science, travel, and books and literature. Modeled on the Robot Wisdom weblog.
Darren Straight's Blog
Discussing the latest technology in the ever evolving world.
A fairly typical weblog type thing written by a mildly obsessive video gamer. It's still young, but is starting to get funny feelings about girls.
Daryl's Home Page
Daryl Lang's personal web site includes a daily journal.
Dash Blog It All
A farce to be reckoned with.
Dave Dot
Writes about life in the cornfield and comments on news.
Dave's Picks
A twice-weekly list of links to stories Dave Polaschek finds interesting, with commentary on each.
Weblog and photoblog for Dave Parker and family of Tracy, California.
Daves Logs
College student reviews computer games and discusses his research on games.
A thorn in the side of the A-List. Read, laugh, get on with life.
David Appleyard
Technology/internet related weblog discussing the latest advances, web design, and documenting the life and work of a designer.
David Bau
Topics include software, robots, politics, food, and other amusing things.
David Farrar's Politics Blog
Things political, things internet and anything else.
David Orban
Writing about his personal and professional activities in English and Italian.
David Stillman
Tales of a college student.
One man, one site, many weblogs: David Gagne posts about himself, football, music, and, yes, Hemingway.
Discussing media, design, the web, random stuff, and general commentary on the world all in a little weblog.
Dawn Xiana Moon
Singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, actress/ director/ producer, University of Michigan student, science fiction nut, and child of God.
Daytime Running Lights
Collection of notes, wit, and punditry on everything from music production to his latest inconsequential drama.
Random comments from a geeky, cheese-hating, librarian-type girl.
News, stories, and attempts at entertainment.
Defective Yeti
Musings of a pretty okay guy.
Definitely a Coleratura's Journal
Pictures and posts of a mother with a small child.
All about music, fashion models, and Vancouver.
Delaware Law Office
News about the law, Delaware, and the world.
Jocelyn's attempt to make sense of things.
Der Haken
Journal on economics, computers and politics in English and German.
Des - A Pig in a Wig
A Swedish man studying in England, with a great interest for the Swedish royal family.
Design Log + Life: Weblog of Paul Mayne
A peek at the life of a freelance web designer and comments on Flash, design, photography, and living in Salt Lake City.
Design Meme
Thoughts on web design and theory.
Designer Jones
Los Angeles-based web designer comments on art, style, design, and excellence in whatever strikes her fancy.
The rather random thoughts of Brad Boydston.
Weblog about journalism, news, media and culture by Mark Deuze (Indiana University/University of Amsterdam).
The Dharma Blog
Covers fly fishing, outdoors, traveling, art, and writing.
Diagnosis? N.F.I.
Musings and occasional rants of an emergency care practitioner.
Diary of a Booklover
Diary of a gay librarian living in New York.
Diary of a Wonderfully Wacky Ex Wife
Humorous and serious sharing of life experiences mostly related to marriage and divorce.
Did You Know
Informative articles about endless subjects.
Digital Analogue
Posting about the excitements and mundanities of life in Galesburg, Illinois.
Lalit Chowdhary from Gurgaon, Haryana, India writes about Indian life and business.
Pseudorandom collection of thoughts and photographs.
Dikkii's Diatribe
Esoteric and random opinions of a thirty-something Australian male.
DirectoryMIX Blog
Contains information about mods, tutorials, wordpress themes and phpLD templates.
Dirty Beloved
Photography, art, literary criticism, and oddball links and commentary.
Dirty In Public
Blogs opinions on relationships, sex, and dating.
Disorderly Content
One Silicon Valleyite's perspective on life, politics, tech toys, and whatever else comes by his desk.
Frank Pape shares stories of his short-lived obsessions with interesting things.
Great links and news of life. More content everyday.
Software and game developer shares photographs and code samples.
Dogged Blog
There's a lot here about dogs, but more about politics.
Dogs Don't Purr
Miscellaneous mind wanderings about road trips, travel, cocktails, humor, life in three cities, and observations of the absurd.
Doing the World a Community Service
Goal of articles to illuminate the idiocies and issues of people's lives.
Dom Delimar's Little Web Playground
Includes news, personal writings and opinions on Linux, sNews, content management systems, self-improvement and World Wide Web related things. [Archived]
A slightly quirky view of the world, from the person known as the Domesticat. A journal, photos, writings, and other snippets.
Writing about photography, technology, news, and sports.
Don Loper
Writing about Utah, business, entrepreneurship, marketing, advertising, and design.
Don't Believe The Lies, Critically Analyse
Range of articles that has caught the eye of Kurt Rudder, covering topics relating to music, media ownership, sports, plus a collection of personal pictures taken at various concerts.
Don't Shoot
Iraqi giggler laughs at the luncy of the world.
The trial and tribulations of a plain, spinsterish girl living in Philadelphia, dreaming of Germany.
Donny Tedjo Blogs
Writes all about Indonesian news from philosophy, arts, and free culture perspectives.
Talking a lot about poop, boobs, her dog, and her daughter. Dooced: to lose one’s job because of one’s website.
Dossy's Blog
Dossy Shiobara writes about web development, product reviews, food, and family life in Northern New Jersey.
Doug's Views
Musings and ponderings about events and life in Ohio.
Dougal Campbell's Geek Ramblings
Ramblings of a southern geek. Links to various things: the bizarre, the important, and the sublime. Computers, art, politics, and the stupidity of everyday people are just some of the topics likely to be seen.
Downtown Alley
Random news and thoughts ranging from game consoles to cars.
Dr. Dave's Blog
Chemically-enhanced neural rewiring on a semi-regular basis.
Online workshop of Erik Vorhes, who writes about medieval and early modern literature, digital media, and textual and cultural studies.
Dream Tree
Cerebral garden and curiosity shop.
Drink This...
The random rants, raves and recommendations of one Tall Glass of Milk.
Driving to Work
Journal about commuting to work with posts detailing each trip.
Alec Muffett muses primarily upon the topics of computer and network security, real-world security, and information technology.
Everything and nothing, boring, but sometimes entertaining one should linger, and the unexpected serendiptitous moment may occur.
The Dust Congress
Writing about news, politics, poetry, and everyday life.
Weblog of a Massachusetts geek who is 48% funny ha-ha and 52% funny strange.
Girl to go.
Dysfunctional Playground
Thoughts, Rants, and general babbling from Cito.
Dysfunctional Playground
Thoughts, Rants, and general babbling from Cito. [RSS]
Life of Irish radio presenter, Rick O'Shea.
The Virtual Manifest of Johnny Daelucian
A description of life filtered through personally philosophical lens bent on seeking the truth of existence.

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