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Caballito del Diablo
Various thoughts and ponderings.
Jason Calacanis's Weblog. Media, entertainment, technology and business.
A Canadian Lefty in Occupied Land
Personal and political musings from a Canadian activist and writer.
On filmmaking, astronomy, pop culture, Vermont, politics, coffee, comics, and the nerd life.
The life and times of a pseudo-Irish lass. Caoimhe's comments on art, books, and life.
Life of a twenty-something web developer/freelance writer in New York.
Cap'n Ken's Homespun Wisdom
Hits on topics in the news, general ranting about life, and other politically-incorrect topics.
The Capital Letter by Berlin Bear
The musings of a dis-located New Zealander in Berlin.
In the future, everyone will have weblogs. Some of them will be a putrid olive-goldish color.
Posting about her life and current events.
Carol's Little World
Carol's very own corner of the internet.
Casa de Marlon
A weblog about things hated and a few things liked.
Casa Laguna
A student in Enschede, Netherlands offers photos and views. [English and Dutch]
The Casting On Couch
About knitting, movies, and random thoughts of an archivist and librarian.
Cat Can Cook
Catherine Robertson talks about cooking, creative ideas, and the trials and triumphs of motherhood.
The Cat's Meow
Writing about her efforts to learn Spanish, her trips to Mexico, and working toward her retirement goal of living in Mexico.
Caterina Fake, cofounder of Flickr and Hunch, founder of 2bkco, Inc.. blogs about startups, online culture, poetry, literature, society, homeschooling, art, psychology.
Celebrating Mediocrity
Wandering thoughts, photographs, and quotes.
Chad's Blog Stuff
Aspiring writer's daily thoughts and information about him and his upcoming writings.
Personal site with frequently changing themes.
The Chaliceblog
Politics / religion weblog written by a young woman living in Washington DC.
Chandak, Kaushal
Includes details about himself, his interests including trekking, wildlife, music.
Chaos Terminal
Punk music, web development, technology in general, and life. Yum yum.
Musings on software development, digital rights, link propagation, and life in India.
Charles Nadeau's Radio Weblog
Writing about technology, tools, and knowledge management.
Charlietangodelta's Blog
Thoughts of a gay Irish woman.
Chase Me Ladies, I'm in the Cavalry
Tales of a person teaching English in Hong Kong.
Chattering Magpie
Thoughts, reviews, and essays by Tracy.
Chaz Lever discusses his views on technology, software, programming, movies, television, music, school, and whatever else he finds interesting.
Ideas and adventures, complete with full color photographs.
Chicago Acting Blog by David Lawrence
Thoughts on acting, news, and entertainment.
Chicky Babe
Miscellaneous ramblings, trying to make sense of stuff. From Sydney, Australia.
Assortment of thoughts.
Chirag Mehta writes articles on computers, philosophy, economics, and anything else.
Chris Abraham Blog
Writing about news, life, and pop culture.
Chris Brauer's Blog
Some personal opinions, stories, experiences, and thoughts. Topics include digital journalism, digital sociology, emergent technologies, video and photography, living in London, and a Canadian abroad.
Chris Magazine
Devoted to sly social commentary, humor, and satire from the mind of Chris Messina.
Chris McIntyre
Words, links, and photographs from his life.
Chris Miles
Talking about his life.
Posting whatever clever things can be found on the web.
Chris Ruzin comments on politics, technology, and whatever else tickles his fancy.
Chronicles of Passion
A blog focusing on fitness and traveling adventures.
Consumer product reviews, movie reviews, recipes, clip art gallery, links, and articles about film, computers, art, and jokes.
CIO Mind
Discussing management, gadgets, science-fiction, and Romania
All about sleep and the study of it.
Citizen of the Month
Humorous personal essays about travel, love, sex, and neurotic behavior.
Richard Rutter's observations with a decidedly web design slant.
Clever Title Here
The life of a seminary student: random, fun, odd, the church, politics, life, friends, school, and everything else too.
Clever Wot
University of Michigan law student touches on political, legal, and entertainment issues and shares wacky life experiences.
Cleverly Named Blog
Answers the questions that no one asked. Wry, dry, and superfly.
ClickRich Blog
Thoughts of a guy who works with technology, lives with his girlfriend, and always seems able to surround himself with people one sandwich short of a picnic.
Climb to the Stars
Tara's weblog focuses on net culture, web design, India and the West, as well as her personal writings (essays, creative pieces and a detailed travelogue of her year in India).
Cloud Hidden, Wherabouts, Mukilteo
Artist shares illustrations, photographs, and gardening news.
Halcyon shares pictures, art, and writing about intimacy and lunacy.
Coda Blog
Dress up. Leave a false name. Be legendary.
Codewolf Systems
Covers interesting things found on the internet, news, humor, entertainment, current topics, and programming.
Thoughts, musings, nonsense and, very occasionally, a hint of genius.
Dutch web developer shares industry news and personal tidbits.
Paul Yasi's comments about open source software, web development, and other stuff.
Cogito, Ergo Doleo
Senthil's musings on life, photography, and other weird people.
Cohabitation Nation
News and commentary about cohabitation, marriage, and other topics of interest.
The Collective Lounge
Dedicated to news and issues in philosophy, history and the politics of the day.
Collision Detection
Clive Thompson writes about politics, technology, and culture.
Coming Out of Left Field
Random notes from an arts-lover, sports nut, and geek-in-training.
Illustrator shares news and work.
Composed Volcano
Musings around locales, restaurants, movies, events, articles, travelogues.
Confessions of a Hot Carmel Sundae
Secular Carmelite addresses multiple topics including Catholicism, news, politics, family issues, and parenting.
Connor's Conundrums
Connor Boyack, a 20-something husband, web designer, Latter-day Saint, constitutionalist, paleocon, classical liberal, preparedness practitioner, budding philanthropist, and master's student of political economy writes about politics and government.
An annotated bookmarks page, a scratchpad for thoughts and ideas, a place to post photos and somewhere to experiment with web design. To keep in touch with friends far away.
Considered Design
Web developer living in Oregon muses on technology, media, and especially usability issues. Goes well with coffee.
Consolation Champs
Top of the B-List.
Conspiracy of the Month
Life is a conspiracy.
Consumer Maven
Consumer behavior marketing professional writes about consumer products, services, and experiences.
Contrary to Authority
Writing about anarchism.
Cool Gizmo Toys
This site focuses on discussing and sharing information about creative technology used in making cars, robots and consumer electronics.
Cool Tool
Entertainment and travel blog.
Tales of a woman in New Jersey.
Corbin's Treehouse
Writes about his interests, which include mountain unicycling, woodworking, rock climbing and building things.
Corners and Centers
World of an unsocial- where corners are more preferred than centers.
Insanity and human behavior from the mind of a human cartoon.
Coyote Blog
Dispatches from a small business.
Craig Jamieson: Digiguru Design Diary
Tales of an interactive designer working from Cape Town, South Africa.
Crazy Ass Planet
Edmonton, Alberta.
Crazy for Fiber
Artful grandmother shares her fiber creations and personal thoughts.
Creative Generalist
Weblog and community for curious divergent thinkers who appreciate new ideas and the wide mix of sources needed to generate them.
Creative Type Dads
Small bits of fatherhood life mixed with design, tech, business, entertainment, culture...and all things in between.
Creativity, Change, Culture and Communication
Thoughts of Kris Krug, a designer, writer, photographer, and webmonkey based in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.
Dork portal, rants, and satire in a weblog.
Critique and Write
About the writing life, and comments on news and society in general.
The Crooked Gremlins
A daily updated blog where you can get information the old fashioned way: filtered through inflammatory opinion makers. Covers many topics, from politics to TV to video games to theology.
Crooked Timber
Wide-ranging philosophy weblog.
Cross Stitch Woman
A blog that discusses cross stitch, family and life.
Cruel Kev's Scuttelbutt
Conservative views and comments.
Another lunatic with a web page. Keeping it relaxed and groovy from the Transglobal Epicenter in the 'burbs.
Cryptic Writings
Commentary on movies, music, albums, songs, concerts, DVDs, and tech gadgets, as well as other topics.
CSharpener's Blog
A somewhat ordered collection of thoughts and resources mostly related to software architecture and engineering.
Cultural Surveillance
Monitoring the way people live. Learning how to live better.
Curmudgeonly and Skeptical
Thirty years of public schools and Dan Rather, have taken a toll.
The Curmudgeonly Crab
Commentary, essaylets, sacred cow tipping, miscellany and eclectia from a bleeding heart crustacean.
Cute Jewess Tells All
Writes about her dating and romantic life.
Cyanbane's Hall of Bouncing Souls
Discusses movies, marine/ tropical reef tanks/ aquariums, and programming concepts and languages.
Cyber Junky
Oliver Jackson talks about life, web development, and urban art around Edinburgh.
Cybertoad's Corner
Movie and book reviews as well as random thoughts.
The Cynical Girl 1.0
Cynical, on demand and without apology, in New York City.
Cynical Rantings
Superfluous thoughts from a regular, yet potentially fascinating gal. Humor, sarcasm, and observations on life.
Cynical Smirk
Writing about news and interesting finds of the internet.
Cynical-C Blog
A cynic's view on life in general from politics to sports.
Czeltic Girl
Commentary on her personal life and visited links.
Scott Coleman, an American living in Edinburgh, Scotland, working on a Software Engineering degree.

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