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B.L. Ochman's Whatsnextblog
Internet strategy, marketing, public relations, and politics with news and commentary.
Baboeska's blog
Kiwi guy's blog, covering politics, news, and random rants.
Babul's World
Personal opinions on politics, world affairs, spiritualism, ideas, animals, governments. [RSS]
Baby Chaos
Writes about whatever comes to her mind, including jokes, hopes, dreams, and ideas.
Production diary of a science fantasy novelist.
Backup Brain
A joint project of writers Tom Negrino and Dori Smith. Views on technology and culture.
Bad News Hughes
Striving to find a way to punch people in the face by using the internet.
Bad Samaritan
Last in line for the Nobel Peace Prize. First in line for pie.
Writing about technology, politics, and other fun stuff.
Writing about news and food.
Links to random stuff, news, and personal views.
Balay ni Bambit
Thoughts and views of a forty-something working mom from Paranaque City, Philippines. Her takes on family life, the internet, and local politics.
Gabriel Seah's assorted eccentric stuff and observations on life.
The Banal Chew
Writings of an American living in Sydney with his Aussie partner, their son and three critters.
Freelance writer Brian Sack's website of original wit.
Canadian Barbara Doduk writes about her desire for love and unity in the world. Includes her family's history and links to her other weblogs and community projects.
Bard of Ely's Matrix
Steve Andrews is a writer, journalist, singer-songwriter and poet living in Tenerife, Canary Islands. Features biography and videos.
Barlet Starlet's Life Less Ordinary
Providing a strange combination of humour, cynicism, and moxy, with a healthy dash of gosh-darn it mentality and romantic idealism. Stir. Pour.
Small notes about the world in general and life.
Based on a True Story
Ramblings of a vegetarian, environmentalist, conservative, free thinking woman.
Bastard of Art and Commerce
Observations of an idiosyncratic nature made by an overweight copywriter living in Berkeley, California. Expect swearing. Not for the easily confused or the literal minded.
Full of linkity goodness.
Ongoing roadtrip journal.
Be Here Now
Lynne Douglass's photographs and thoughts.
Beans for Breakfast
Occasional photographs, notes, and anecdotes from Seattle.
A cultural warehouse, a pretentious bore, a song from the heart, a journalistic hack, a beautiful mistake, a weblog.
Beautiful Monsters
Queer writer from New Zealand blogs about living life.
Begging To Differ
Discussion of politics, culture, and law written by two liberals and two conservatives.
Thoughts of Mikal Belicove.
Ben Metcalfe Blog
Thoughts and rants of an internet consultant and all-round nice chap.
Personal weblog of Ben Hammersley, journalist, explorer and general bad man. For love and expenses.
The Benore's in Texas
Married couple Kevin and Shantell Benore write about religion, politics, travel, and life in general.
Bernie Zimmermann
Posting about the web and computers.
The frequent musings of Beth McCabe Ballingall.
Betsy Devine
Humor writer married to a Nobel laureate nips at funny sides of life, travel, science, kids, memory, New Hampshire, politics, growing older, and blogging.
Better Than Ice Cream
Come one, come all - see the thirty-something liberal mother of three rant from her keyboard.
Sharing news, links, and experiences.
The Bever Dam
Marc Bever writes about cars, racing, and music.
Beware of the Blog
George Thomas is a member of the human race with variegated interests in myriad areas most bizarre. He chiefly indulges in trivial pursuits.
Beyond Abstraction
Random thoughts from Spencer Shimko.
Beyond Noise
Gerrit Eicker writes about online publishing, advertising, marketing, and public relations.
Bieber Labs
Ron Bieber's personal opinions on music, software development, books, and news.
Bifurcate in the Road
About life with multiple sclerosis including photography, bicycling, exercise, computers, and videos.
Bifurcated Rivets
Run by Lindsay Marshall. Each post contains one or more links with short comments with some.
Big and Little Conversations
Massage, bodywork and health topics. Includes personal information and links.
The Big DumpTruck
Personal humor, comments and links to funny sites of note.
The Big Wipe Out At The Teenage Fair
Likes go go beats and twisting and doing the freddy to boss sounds.
Ramblings from Tom about Antarctica, New Zealand, Colorado and the world.
The Bigge Idea
Writes on politics, culture, entertainment, and the news of the day.
BikerMomma's Blog
Information on a smattering of subjects.
Pat St. Jean discusses harleys, HAM radios, astronomy, and other topics.
The Billiken's Bluff
Posting for a truly egalitarian meritocracy, where information is the newest religion.
Bill wanders the real and online worlds and posts thoughts and links, as well as the occasional photo and trip journal.
Billy Bob's Thoughts of the Day
A way to get all those ideas out of his head.
Bionic Buddha
Random musings.
Birthplace of the Process of Illogical Logic
Mental mausoleum for web developer, full-time supermom, patriot, and part-time elusive dark angel: Shannon Nicole.)
Bitch. Ph.D.
Ranting about current events from a feminist perspective.
Bits and Pieces: Real Life's Folly
Literary expression of the eclectic quirks of life.
Bitter Chocolate
Writings of a teenager in Singapore.
Bitter Old Punk
Ranting about life.
Words and pictures for the spiritual journey - creative writing, photography, poetry, Christian spirituality with coffee, books, and hoops thrown in.
Biz Stone, Genius
Journal of author, cover designer, and lecturer.
Black Phoebe
Jenifer Hanen's weblog on all things image, text, art, writing, and life.
Bladam: Life, Love, Liberty and Stuff
Detailed observations and tips on everyday life, including occasional pictures, but no cat photos.
The usual stuff with the usual unique spin.
Blank Baby
Scott McNulty, a techie with an English degree, shares random ramblings regularly.
This and that, here and there.
Stuart Mudie's opinions.
Blivet 2.0
Weblog on computer news, science, archaeology, and some Zen from an archaeologist who also happens to be an ordained Zen Buddhist priest.
blog @ anarchius.org
It will be intelligent, and it will make you think.
A Blog Around the Clock
Making strange connections between science, religion, brain, language, and sex.
The Blog Bug
Writing about India, world politics, economics, current news, cricket, soccer, book reviews, and music.
Blog Maverick
Maintained by Mark Cuban, owner of the Dallas Mavericks.
Blog of Funk - The Every Day Story of the Smell of Sex
Illustrated diary of Deek Deekster of London, United Kingdom.
The Blog of Love
E. John Love is a Canadian graphic artist, web designer and amateur writer, expressing his art, opinions, memories, and family history.
The Blog That Ate Manhattan
Authur practices medicine, cooks, and waxes prolific in New York City.
Blog: Jorg3
George Larson shares pictures, humor, and hot cheetos.
Written by a group of Canadians, about Canada.
The Blogannath Rolls On
Covers topics including math education, parenting, money-saving tips, and news.
Digest of trends in medicine, technology, and society.
Blogdorf Goodman
Tales of a girl with too many coats and an addiction to fragrances.
Tim Ireland discussing search engine optimization and viral marketing.
Bloggety Blog
Life and reflections, links to good things (and some bad), what they had for breakfast, and how to save the world. Made in Australia (mostly), but contains little or no Vegemite.
Bloglet: The Gentleman's Mock-Turtle Soup
Weblog of Mirabai Knight, a CART provider in New York City.
Politics, environment, music and general internet tat.
Totally brilliant commentary on pop culture, world events, and life in general.
Personal site of artist, musician, and writer Drew Vics.
Blood Mother
Features author's experience and her reviews on lifestyle, relationships and sexuality, Los Angeles, yoga, crones, and the occasional parakeet.
Bloog it
Kathy offers opinions, photos, makeup tips and advice.
Blossom's Special Orange
Sharing pictures and thoughts.
Blots of Info
Personal views on topics related to computers, information retrieval, library science, and gaming.
Blue Ibis
Forays into the higher symbology of everyday life.
Blue Sea Urchin
Things she does when no one is looking. [Atom]
BlueberryMoon's Journal
Life of a folk artist in Nova Scotia.
A weblog about life in downtown Manhattan.
Blues And Twos
Police officer's thoughts, feelings and observations on news, current affairs, and United Kingdom policing in general.
The tired rants of a former design god.
Some words and pictures which relate in varying degrees to Richard Boakes.
A quiet and uninteresting life.
Bock Jon's Weblog
Thoughts and photographs.
Boiled Pudding
It's boiled. It's pudding. It's everything and nothing all at once.
Boiler Up
James V. Reagan rambles on.
French boy living in Oregon shares his photographs.
Jay Kerr's film reviews, recipes, links and observations.
Bonnie Blog
On a weird quest to be sort of famous - like an indie movie star that only the hip people like to chat about over lattes.
Features discussions on her dogs, the Great Salt Lake, observations, soapbox, and technology. Also, has list of favorite books and movies, as well as family photos.
Musings from a library goddess extraordinaire.
Books for Breakfast, Drinks for Dinner
Kristin Dodge blogs about books and cocktails.
The Books Nook
Canadian library Mama.
Sharing her love of learning and books.
Bookworm's Blog
All about baseball, books, current events, politics, and music.
A Bookworm's Diary
Ramblings on books, authors, movies, and entertainment topics.
Cynical take on music and book reviews, news, and experiences.
Come see the mood swings.
The Boston Diaries
The ongoing saga of a programmer who doesn't live in Boston, nor does he even like Boston, but yet named his weblog/ journal "The Boston Diaries." Go figure.
Boundary Layer
This space unintentionally left blank. The universe doesn't make mistakes.
Bourbon Bird
More valuable than a fart.
Bowch's Blog
Technology news, entertainment, and personal events covered by Andrew Bowers .
Bown's Opinion
Chris Bown's opinion on things going on in the world including technology, SEO, cars, and life in general.
Bowulf Blog
Overweight, enterprise infosec admin creates a personal weblog about his weightloss and security issues.
Brads' Blog
Containing personal views, rants, politics, product reviews, and anything else he finds worthy.
The Brain
Contains floating bits of random information and thoughts. Please be careful, though, not to disturb the neurons. They can get real touchy at times. Mental scarring may ensue.
Brain Shavings
Conservative person in Cleveland comments on politics, war, the military, bioethics, pop culture, and Christianity.
Brazosport News
Commentary and reportage on issues and events on the Texas Gulf Coast, especially the Brazosport area, near Houston.
Bread, Coffee, Chocolate, Yoga
Thoughtful, personal site for those interested in the culinary arts, baking, yoga, and the daily experience of living the good life in Brooklyn.
Team Brendo is here with the news, movies, music, and whatnot, and also entertain and challenge. Also has a web board for feedback.
The Brian Alvey Weblog
A brief history of time: from the Big Bang to the Bangles.
Brian Larsen's Blog
Talking about technology and entertainment.
Brian's Blog
Place where posters post.
Brittany's Blog
On geekiness. Sharing tales of high school and her obsession with Harry Potter.
A Broken Thought
Software engineer in California writes about computers and learning to fly.
The Brother Love
Super negro of the blogosphere shares observations on life, reviews of art, and excerpts of selected poems and stories.
Bruner Blog
Writing about New York City, culture, politics, media, and humor.
Bryn's So-Called Life
A description of the life and friendships of a young doctor in the United Kingdom.
Bull's Rambles
Most posts relate to NASA World Wind developments with a few personal views thrown in.
Bullock, Dave
Photographer and programmer living in Downtown Los Angeles
Sporadic source for cultural and technical tidbits. Features the musings and findings of a web professional who enjoys movies, music, technology, and humor.
Bunny Factor 10
Lifelog by Dutch journalist with opinions, links, and extra attention for the UK.
Bunsen [Dot ] TV Presents: What Fell Out of Bunsen's Head?
A pop-culture, entertainment, and current events weblog heavy on the humor and satire.
Butterflies in My Stomach
Journaling the roads of life through the twist and turns of family issues, teenagers, health, low carbing, spirituality, and armed services.
Buttermilk and Molasses
Thoughts on current events and entertainment from John Sarvay.
Mark's Pages
A daily workbook for prose fiction emphasizing formal experimentation. Widely published in literary journals worldwide.

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