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The Aardvark Speaks
Random thoughts and ramblings on libraries, politics, food, the Internet and personal stuff by Horst Prillinger, a librarian from Vienna, Austria.
Random musings.
Abada Abada
Librarian and caretaker Jessamyn West's online journal.
The life of a computer programmer from New Zealand. Sometime it's even interesting.
An Israeli dad's commentary on regional and US developments, administered with a spoonful of humor to help the medicine go down.
Absolute Piffle
General commentary and new links from Richard Gillmann. Sometimes it's funny, sometimes it's serious, and sometimes it's just there.
Absolute Uncertainty
Uncertain postings about life.
Accentuate the Positive
Rambling thoughts about the bits and pieces of any given day. Ending on a positive note.
Accidental Verbosity
Couple writes about their kids and life.
Acts of Volition
Written by Steven Garrity, Rob Fletcher and Matthew Dorrell. Comments on technology, music, and politics. Occasional podcasts available.
Adam Kazwell is Somewhat Concerned
Sharing interesting links.
Adam Pieniazek
Blog about Boston, business, Apple, social media, blogging, technology.
Ada Lajara's thoughts on blogging, podcasting and photography.
ADHD Librarian
The rants and howls of an ADHD boy who grew up to become a librarian.
Adirondack Almanack
Blogging from behind the Blue Line of the Adirondack Park on local and regional politics, culture, and history.
Adirondack Chick
Cooking from an Adirondack kitchen, featuring mostly vegetarian, vegan and gluten free recipes. Also contains reviews of restaurants and wine.
Inside take on the arts and entertainment scene including film, television, music, celebrities, and pop culture.
Administrative Confinement
The life and times of a 30-something correctional officer, currently living, working and breathing in beautiful Omaha, Nebraska.
Agnes Tan from Singapore
Describes author's feelings, current affairs of Singapore, and view of the Singapore society.
Personal blog of a Malaysian PC Gamer who writes about his life, and articles related to PC Gaming.
Aigoo-Chamna Net
Aigoo Chamna means "good grief" in Korean.
Aja Lapus
Web log of his life, love, school and career, with thoughts, rants and opinion about Web technology, programming, browsers and standards.
Aja's Random Thoughts
Random things not entirely relevant to most but a place for author to voice opinion and thoughts.
Ajay - On the Road Called Life
Ajay D'Souza's thoughts on life, computers, technology, and blogging. Download plugins, hacks and themes for WordPress created by the author.
An effort to document certain aspects of life, as seen by a web front-end architect, accessibility advocate and music freak living in Copenhagen, Denmark.
Alaivani - Waves of Sound
An e-zine dedicated to holistic living, spirituality, daily introspection, travelogues, food cultures, and other topics with 4 postings per week.
Alan's Place
About surfing in North San Diego County, programming, and whatever else strikes his fancy.
Alaskan Artist Blog
Multimedia and figurative artist blogs and keeps a journal of her daily artistic pursuits from her home studio on Douglas Island, Alaska.
Alden Bates' Weblog
Random commentary from a New Zealander on subjects from film, television and music to Internet life and gaming.
Alek's Blog
Extracts from the life of Alek Komar, a Colorado resident.
Ales Rarus
Enter the mind of a student of artificial intelligence, and find wacky news stories, political commentary, and apologetic religion.
Alex Asigno
Observations, rantings, and ramblings on daily life and science from a self-certified authority on life.
Thoughts, reflections and anecdotes from Al talking about mothering, moving, mores, myths, music, and movies.
All About
Remy's blog is dedicated to film reviews.
All This ChittahChattah
A Canuck in Silicon Valley entertains readers with the fascinating minutiae of life.
College room-mates Doug and Travis sharing observations, anecdotes, political commentaries, and jokes.
Alpha Core
A personal blog about the world and things that matter in it.
Alter Words
Personal blog about politics, spirituality.
AltFunWithLuc Blog
Random thoughts in a casual blog which progressed from the alt.fun.with.luc newsgroup.
Commentary concerning politics, law, and popular culture from Ann Althouse, a law professor.
Amar Galla's Weblog
Discussing programming, computing, and other technology related areas.
Amidst a Tangled Web
Sort of a semi-weblog of occurrences and opinion on things. Activities/ interests include programming, Linux, web design, philosophy, humor, motorcycles and life.
The Amish Rabbit Forum
News and opinion about new technology, computers, science, and online privacy and security, written by PC World editor Andrew Brandt.
Amos Wong
Writing about life, gadgets, webmastering, family, parenting and cars.
Ampersand Duck
Posts of an Australian film nut.
And don't call me Sweetie
Married with challenges. Ontario, Canada.
And They Whirl and They Twirl and They Tango
Daily musings of an Americorps Volunteer in Service to America serving for a year in Austin, Texas.
Andrea's Photo Blog
A journal following the life of a woman who has an interest in politics and travel.
Andreas Weblog
Focuses on various topics that are of concern of this high school teacher who lives in Germany.
Andrei's Universe
One man's journey from infinity to nothingness.
Andrew Ager, dot com
Online rantings, musings, comments, and lectures of author.
Andrew Baxter's Blog
Thoughts of a transplanted Nova Scotian living in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.
Andrew Kendall
The journal of a music photographer frequently updated with new photographs.
Andrew Mogendorff's Weblog
A lot of his thoughts and typings.
Andrew's Travels
Adventures of a provincial geek.
Andy Frecka
Andy logs his experiences in Perm, Russia. Includes pictures, thoughts, and humor.
Caustic and witty. Hoosier-born creativity coach and web-head in Chicago, Illinois.
Anemic Slime Stew, Reincarnated
Archived posts regarding random musings about life, baseball, politics, weather, and narcolepsy.
Angad Sodhi
Things that have caught the eye of the author, including videos, photos and news.
Angelheaded Hipster
Cotton candy for the brain. Pop culture, television, films, writing, and the life of the author discussed in scintillating soundbites.
Angie McKaig
By Angie McKaig, whose specialties include simple, functional user experiences, microcontent, online marketing and business strategy.
Angry Bear Comics
Semi-weekly webcomic / weblog featuring the original angry bear, Zeb.
Biography, photographs, and instructions for various crafty projects.
Ankur Banerjee's Blog
Opinions on computers, technology and everyday life from India.
Covering many topics.
Anson's Blog
Glimpse through the window of his mundane life.
Antony's personal weblog about entertainment and current events.
Weblog on computing, content management, and tennis.
Antikewl Daily
Trevor May writes about a wide range of subjects, including media, art, design, and technology.
Antti Vilpponen
Experiences and thoughts.
Antworten zum Universum
Contains very weird political thoughts and philosophy.
Anurag Jain's Blog
All about Bangalore, aviation, management education, entrepreneurship, and Indian culture and society.
Occasional rants, ramblings and incidental (or possibly accidental) wisdom from a guy in England.
An Apple a Day
Aileen Apolo's personal weblog on life, travels and her job at Google.
Lego-focused webcam and the accompanying weblog.
Appreciate the Cheese
Insight and humor applied to politics, culture, the arts and current events from the perspective of a proud liberal in Washington, DC.
Approaching Midnight
Humorous insights and pure lunatic rantings by a man living in Brooklyn, New York.
Personal website and weblog of Aquarion.
Arc's Revue
Writing about his life that's interesting to most and hilarious to him.
Arcana Imperii
Commentary, news, analysis, and fun from a bright's perspective.
General commentary and thoughts from London, United Kingdom.
Arjun's Blog
Writing about his life in India.
The Arkanssouri Blog
Life, news, politics, sports and entertainment commentary with a Libertarian bent in the border town of Thayer, Missouri.
Arnab's World
This is the online journal of Arnab Nandi, a music crazy computer science undergrad at Delhi University.
Art Esprit
An artist, gallery owner, and curator blogs about fine art, crafts, and design.
The Artist Blog
Uniting art, culture, and technology with an emphasis on new media and individual expression.
Arve Bersvendsen
Writings on technology and the web.
As a Parent
Musings of a home school mom, written to keep a journal of daily activities.
As Above
Kevan Davis has a variety of thoughts, rants, and outside influences.
Ashley Grimshaw Life Blog
Writing about random things on the net and occasionally about Ashley.
Astrona: Space and Astronomical Art Journal
A collection of information on artists who specialize in space and astronomical art, including science fiction art.
Personal expiriences and views on topics of everyday life
Atmaspheric Endeavors
A multitasked stream of consciousness focused on: technology, multimedia, home theater, blogs, and life.
Autarchy of the Private Cave
Personal notes on web-development, bioinformatics, artificial intelligence, and science in general.
Like everyone, her life could be summed up by suffering, impermanence, and non-self.
Avalon Landing
So many passions, not enough time. Writing about news, politics, television, and other interesting tidbits.
Average Joe Blogs
Rants, raves, reviews, and muddled thoughts.
Averly Gets Creative
Offers recipes, craft ideas and family news.
Articles on positive thinking and metaphysics.
Awesome Zara
A woman from California who writes openly and honestly about her experiences. Includes articles about her personal life, movie reviews, and fictional short stories.
A weblog about life, cars, modding, and gadgets.
Ay! Cristina!
An Argentinian woman's trawlings of the web.
Ayn blog
Andrew Ng's personal weblog on photography, technology, automobile and fashion.
Azrael's Merryland
Azrael Coladilla's thoughts on life, movies, comics, and video games.
A Flash In The Pam
A grandmother offers recipes and observations about life and activities.

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