This category includes sites that offer recycling programs, which allow non-profit organizations to raise funds, by recycling items that do not fit the other three subcategories: Computers; Printer Cartridges; Wireless Devices.

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CC Cash, Inc.
Program description, sign up form, FAQ, buy-back lists, news, links and contact information.
Cellular Recycler
Program description, FAQ, sign-up form, and contact information.
Earthtone Solutions, Inc.
Ink cartridge and cell phone recycling fundraiser. Program description, FAQ, newsletter, resources and contact information.
Cell phone, ink jet, laptop, consumer electronics and gold jewelry recycling fundraiser combining environmental education and fundraising. Testimonials, FAQ, price list and contact information.
Friendship Used Clothing Collection, LLC
Partners with non-profit organizations to collect used clothing and redistribute to people over the world.
Consolidate school fundraising programs under one roof by recycling empty laser and inkjet printer cartridges and/or earn commissions by shopping online.
GivSmart LLC
Payment provided to your organization for donations of used clothing and household goods.
Goodthrift, Inc.
Offers a used clothing drive fundraising program. Program explanation, items collected, FAQ and contact information.
Phone Fund
Fundraisers for schools, corporations and civic groups to collect and recycle used cell phones and turn them into cash for each group.
Offers fundraising program recycling old cell phones and pagers.
Recycle for Breast Cancer
Send in used toner and inkjet cartridges to raise funds for the Susan G. Komen Foundation. Located in San Ramon, California.
Recycle Rewards, Inc.
Participating schools collect empty laser cartridges from students, parents or any business to raise money.
Specializing in the recycling of plastic inkjet cartridges, for school fundraisers.
Recycling and Fundraising
Program rules, FAQ and contact information.
Redeem PLC
Helps organisations raise funds by collecting inkjet and toner cartridges and unwanted mobile phones.
Think Recycle
Recycling print cartridges and cell phones. Program description, price list, FAQ and contact information.
A to Z Recycling
Printer cartridge and cell phone recycling in the Louisville, KY metro area. Program explanation and contact information.
Trading Connection
Groups raise funds by collecting empty toner and inkjet cartridges.
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