Buffalo Soldiers were the first permanent black regiments to be raised by the US Congress in peace time. They existed from 1866 until after the Second World War. Originally horse cavalry regiments, they later mechanized.

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Cecil Ward White
Autobiography of this retired Major describes his experiences as a Buffalo Soldier and black officer during racial integration of the US Army.
African-Americans in Military History
Extensive bibliography on black soldiers in the American forces from the Revolution to WWII, by the US Airforce University.
Buffalo Soldiers and Indian Wars
Photographs, videos, and text narratives of the battles and history of these American regiments in the US-Indian Wars.
Buffalo Soldiers in Utah Territory
On the black 9th Cavalry that served with white infantrymen against the Ute Indians at Fort Duchesne.
Buffalo Soldiers National Museum
Comprehensive resources on research, galleries, veterans' association, shop, and children's activities.
Buffalo Soldiers On the Eve of War
Photo-essay of the regiments' preparation for combat in WWII.
El Paso Buffalo Soldiers
Texan association for the preservation of the memory of black cavalry in the state.
Greater North Carolina Chaper of Buffalo Soldiers
State organization for veterans and admirers of the African-American 9th and 10th Cavalry.
Handbook of Texas on the Buffalo Soldiers
University of Texas overview of the birth of the black cavalry regiments in the US.
Los Angeles Association for the Buffalo Soldiers
Official US Army Unit Association in the city for veterans and supporters of the African-American cavalry regiments.
Tenth Regiment of Cavalry
US Army page on the history, ordinances, and feats of the Buffalo Soldiers cavalry.
Washington DC 9th & 10th Cavalry
The national capital regional association for the Buffalo Soldiers features the oldest known veteran of these cavalry regiments.
Wikipedia: Buffalo Soldier
Open encyclopaedia article on the origins, equipment, and history of the US's first permanent black regiments.
Woods and Wanton Buffalo Solidiers
Commemorates and researches the history of the African-American cavalry in Florida.
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